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Good Results

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Hi friends,

Just an update on Jeff and his 7 month scan results. As you may or may not remember he had his last scan on Valentines Day, that CT scan showed a small single nodule in his lung. The decision was made to scan again in two months, but with a PET/CT this time. He has also in the past two months been diagnosed with pneumonia and hospitalized for that, as well as an under active thyroid (probably from the radiation). He is on meds for the thyroid and we are hoping it will help with his mood and fatigue. He has also been told he has arthritis in the spine and will be having PT starting Thursday, and finally he is starting to work with a nutritionist. The reason all of this was found within the past two months is that we found a new and amazing family doctor. The new doc has taken Jeff under his wing and has promised to help him get his health back in order. I am so happy that we met this doctor, he is an osteopath so he is very focused on healing the body as a system.

Back to the scan. The PET/CT showed the nodule again, but it has not grown (in fact it shrank 1mm). It did light up, but not enough to consider it as malignant. At this time they think it is scar tissue from a past infection or pollutant. We rescan in three months, with a regular CT scan this time. The radiologist actually noted that the CT gave a clearer image and suggested against another PET/CT for the next scan.

So, as they say, no news is good news...or rather, no growth is good news.


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I’m so happy and relieved for you and Jeff for this news. As you say, no growth = good news, and with EC we’ll take all the good news we can get!

Also fantastic that Jeff has found a new doctor who is dedicated to addressing his problems. We hear on this board of too many doctors who sound either pessimistic or ambivalent in their approach, so this has to be more good news.

I hope you guys are able to celebrate for the relief for not getting any more bad news!

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It's so good to hear that Jeff's scan looks good. And it's also great that you have found a doctor you like so much.

Thanks so much for sharing. All of us love hearing this kind of news!


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Joel C
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Hi Niki,
I’m so happy to hear Jeff’s scan went well. Perhaps the good news will help boost his mood and energy level.
Take care,

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Thanks for sharing Niki! Now replan that trip to Florida and enjoy yourselves.

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It is great to hear that Jeff's scan shows no growth. It is great that you have found a doctor that is focused on Jeff's overall health. I think sometimes once a patient is diagnosed with cancer the doctor focuses on that issue and tends to ignore other issues. I hope Jeff will be back to feeling well soon.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
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I am SO GLAD to see your post. I know how you feel, how scared you were. And I remember what a relief getting the scan results actually was for us. Time to start moving forward again. I agree with Rita, you need to reschedule the Florida trip. You really need to meet Erica & John and have an umbrella drink for me. Perhaps two even.

Glad you've found a family doctor that you guys have a comfort level with. That is SO important. If you get any good tips, be sure to share them with us.

again - WHOOPIE! I am truly relieved!

with love & many {hugs}


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Niki, I am glad to hear there has been no growth in the nodule. I hope the doctor is right and this is just a tissue scar. All the best to Jeff!


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