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Bad taste

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Dad has started spittin alot of what he calls slime. It looks actually like a really thick clear mucus. He says it taste really bad. He spits it into a tissue cause he cant swallow at all. Any ideas how to help. He wears false teeth. Got me washin them all the time. But the taste is still there.

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My mom had the same thing-- spitting mucous that was clear. She did not say it tasted bad though and I never asked. Lots of spitting.

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Tina Blondek
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I have heard this symptom numerous times from people recovering from their esophageal cancer surgery. I am not familiar with a bad taste, but I have heard of a mouth rinse of sorts that can help. I was a caregiver for my dad also. You are most lucky to still have your dad. Mine lost his battle in March 2010. I know others will post to you. Best of luck and stay positive!
Tina in Va

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