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It's pink again!

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A dear friend of mine was at a local festival and there was a firetruck painted pink in honor of breast cancer. She went ahead and wrote a message for me on it anyway. I guess we'll have to paint our own firetruck, ladies.


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Sounds like you have a very good friend. I'm ready with the teal paintbrush!


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It makes me sick to see everything pink. There is more than just one cancer out there.

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time. Everyone assumed I had breast cancer. I hate all cancer equally! Breast cancer receives so much more attention, funding, etc. I wear teal as often as possible. It's sad how many women have no knowledge about ovca. I have encountered several women who say, well I go for my pap smear every year. They are shocked to learn that ovca is not detected through the pap smear.

However, I will share a funny story about a woman wearing pink. An older gentleman I attend church with had prostate cancer several years. He was very empathetic to cancer patients. His wife said that one day while they were out somewhere that he spotted a woman wearing a pink scarf or hat. Naturally he assumed breast cancer. So he spoke to her words of encouragement. He said "breast cancer?" She said no. He said oh I thought with the pink hat. She said "oh, no, I'm wearing it honor of a friend. She said just pink hat and a bad bra." LOL!

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This is word for word what my wife says.

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I just thought it was sweet of my friend. It's all about numbers and it is up to us to get the word out. I continue giving out "Teal Toes" cards and telling my story.


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I am so glad to learn others feel the same way. After I was diagnosed and realized they have come so far with breast cancer with early detection and cures, I have to say I became angry. The football players wearing pink in October, Do we have a Month by the way???? And it is scary women say, well I have my pap. SO??? It is not fair. Why are we just left hanging?? Teal is a pretty color.
On another note, today I forgot to put my cap on before I opened the door to a man who wanted to cut the lawn. He said, "good afternoon Sir, how are you?" ugh. When I spoke, he looked like he wanted to go back in time and I felt bad for him. Didn't do much for the ego, but I understand. Just something else to deal with.

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