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So much admiration

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Joined: Feb 2012

I just wanted to take a minute to let you all know what an inspiration you are to me. I do not have cancer, but I've had other issues that led me to this board and after reading what all you go thru....I'm in awe!!! I would probably lay down and just cry all the time, but y'all seem to handle it all with such grace and determination. I am praying for all of you daily and hope that each day is continually better than the day before.

God Bless you all!
Toni Page

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i am so happy that you are cancer free, Thank you for your prayers and good wishes. We either have to cry or laugh,and i prefer to laugh.
When Bill Crosby was told to get a colonoscopy, the first thing he said to the doctor was,"you know this thing was made for things comming out---not going in"

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Posts: 92
Joined: Feb 2012

I think I'd have to agree with Bill. LOL

I'm glad you are positive....and from what I have noticed, you have been NED for awhile. Congratulations on that. Probably the positivity has helped with that as much as anything.

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I'm so glad you do not have cancer. I always hate to hear of another person getting this crappy disease, so hearing good news for a change makes me smile. Thank you for all the support you've shown us on this board. Stay well!

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So glad you don't have cancer - congratulations! I hope the issues you do have clear up soon. Thanks for being so supportive.

(And I don't think you would've lied down and cried - you would've been right in there fighting!)

Best wishes,

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