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growing again

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We collected my dad CT scan yesterday well the tumour is growing again. sadly to say its in his lung and liver. base on the pervious scan size, its seem that its can consider mild progression. he will recd Chemo again next week same cocktail, Gemz and Carbo. doc say he handle this chemo well last time so hopefully he will again this time round. i am more worry about the resistant of the chemo.

what lies ahead no one knows. i am also crossing finger that he will be on clinical trial using Oral chemo pill which target the cell directly.

dear All, is there still hope?

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I am sorry to hear of your Dad's news. Never give up hope, they are daily making break throughs!

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I'm so sorry! I agree..Never give up. Do you know the subcell of the cancer. I just found out my mom has squamous cell (stage 4) and will be starting chemo next week. She has 4 (now 5..just found out today) tumors on her brain as well. Just want to find out as much as I can treatment wise to help her fight this!! I will pray that your dad has a break through!! Best of luck!

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