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rough weekend

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Okay I never had such bad pains on sat and Sunday. I think it was hemroids because of where the pain was coming from. I don't know if they can cause really bad pain. Has anyone ever experienced bad hemroids. I think part of the problem was the weather pressure from the storms in the Midwest. I feel a little better today not realbad pressure feeling. I was soaking in bathtub at 3am because that is the one place to give relief. I see the once tomorrow and scheduled gi doc on the 24th. Pray its only hemroids but something has to done with the pain. Praying for all of us. Jeff

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Sounds like we are in the same boat with the possible hemmroids :). Hoping that is all they find for both of us! My colonscopy is the 23d, I'll send good tthoughts your way on the 24th! Storms missed us here in Arkansas last night, hope they did your way as well. Hope you continue to feel better and get great news.


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I think I did have several times the type of pain/pressure that you described. It went away and I, too, thought it was hemrroids
Hope it resolves for you soon. The warm baths giving you relief makes it also seem to be hemrroids.
Praying for all.

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Praying that your docs will find nothing serious and will be able to help resolve not only the pain but also the problem quickly.


Marie who loves kitties

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My daughter has this - bad spasms she was attributing to hemorrhoids - and had a colonoscopy last week to find out why. It shows an area of inflammation and and ulceration in the rectum, possible "radiation proctitis," which can cause these painful spasms. She now has a steroid enema that seems to be slowly helping. Hemorrhoids can also be painful. I hope you find out it is something easily treated.


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This too is what what I had, and followed the same treatment. I hope you get some answers soon. In the meantime, a little ziploc of ice between your legs may help.
Take care

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Dear Jeff
I get pains at times like that too
Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way.

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Praying for nothing important Jeff !.
Big hug!

Cathleen Mary
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It sounds like a dreadful weekend. Good luck with the onc tomorrow. I hope that you get a quick and easy to treat answer. Thinking of you.

Cathleen Mary

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I've had lots of constipation and pain since my resection, and a year or so ago I had severe rectal spasms when I had a partial blockage. That put me in the hospital. Very painful! Once I was on IV fluids and strong pain medication, the blockage cleared up, and the spasms gradually went away.

Praying that you will feel better very soon!


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Can you describe what the pain is like? Is it an intense burning and itching, or is it a sharp, stabbing sort of pain? I've had hemorrhoids before and they burn and itch. Before my Dx, the tumor was so larger that I was putting Preparation H on thinking it was a hemorrhoid. A bit over a year ago, when I would have bowel movements they were so intensely painful that I'm surprised my neighbors never called the police thinking I was being tortured because I would yell and scream so loud. I had bruises on my left forearm from where I would brace myself on the counter next to the toilet. Does that sound familiar to your situation?

Finally on April 29, I went to see my surgeon and he found that the sphincter muscle was in spasm and he needed to go in and cut the muscle and stretch it out to relieve the spasm. He scheduled the surgery for the following Monday (day after my birthday, which was about the worst of my life!) The pain was so bad that I could barely walk and had to sit on a pillow and even then on one cheek.

Well, he did the surgery, but the pain continued. However, once I took painkillers, the pain would go away, unlike before. Also, my bowel movements began to settle down and after a week or so, I'd only have one movement a day in the morning. The pain would be gone until that BM, then it would kick in so I'd take a pain killer and after an hour or so, it would be gone until the next BM.

During this whole time, I had an uncontrollable shaking in my right hand that would get worse as my pain level went up. That was asymmetrical associative neuropathy, caused by the pain. Finally, one morning in August I had my morning BM and was mentally bracing for the pain and it never came. It had been growing less in intensity, but still suddenly gone was a relief like I'd only felt once before in my life (that was after having a 6 inch bone spur removed from my left shoulder.)

Since then I've had bouts of constipation and diarrhea, but never the pain that I had prior to last August. I know that this has been pretty long winded, but I do hope that it helps.

God Bless to all


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I have never experienced what you're describing. Have you gotten any relief or figured out what is causing it?

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