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Fish recipes

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2timothy1 7
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Hello everyone. I dont post too often but since my diagnosis in December(stage 3c), I have been reading a lot about foods I should be eating . I have 6 more treatments left and i hear the last ones are tough. So i wanted to help my body. Fish is one of the foods I hear I should be eating. . I rarely have cooked it and was wondering if anyone had some ideas they would throw out on how they cook/grill/season it. Also wondering if most of you have seen a neuropath(?) or holistic type doctor for nutritional help and supplements and if that has been a big help to you?

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I eat lots of fish... I have a simple go to recipe I use for tilapia. I bake it/350' on a baking pan covered w/alum foil and sprayed (NO clean up). I drizzle it with olive oil, salt and pepper and sprinkle the top with panko bread crumbs, some lemon zest and fresh squeezed lemon juice. It only takes about 10 mins. to bake and it's yummy. Hope this helps, I have not seen a neuropath or gotten nutrritional help, but I can't see that it would hurt. I'm careful to run and over the counter supplements past my ONC before I use them.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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I agree with Maria,,talapia is the only fish I will eat..nice and tender and no overwhelming fishy taste. Only supplements I take are Vitd3,calcium magniesuim and B12..it is working so far,,val

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2timothy1 7
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Thanks. I will trry this sounds easy enough.

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I have worked with a naturopath since just after my debulking surgery, which will be 3 years ago in August. What I have learned, through working with her and knowing other ovarian cancer suvivors, who work with her too, is that each patient is different and requires a different approach. Diet, supplements, and lifestyle are her biggest tools, and the protocol for each of her patients is different. We never know what got us where we are, what worked and what didn't. But so far my results have been excellent, with virtually no side effects from treatment and still NED (no evidence of disease) over two years after completing chemo. Good luck in your journey.

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2timothy1 7
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Thanks. I have been debating on whether to try to see a neuropath or not. I have also reas Chris Bledy's book. As you probably know she is a 12 yr survivor with stage 3c. She did some pretty radical changes not only in diet but many other areas. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with all of the changes that I feel I must make. One at a time I guess is the best approach.

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This is for Grilled Fish on the grill
Use whatever fish you prefer I like haddock or Whiting
Heat the grill prior to cooking ( medium heat)
Spray the grill and the skin side of the fish liberally with cooking spray
Put fish on the grill skin side down and brush the top lightly with melted butter ( you can skip the butter if you want)
Then season with whatever you like (I use lemon pepper or Cajun seasoning)
Cook without turning 6-7 minutes then flip the fish over to finish cooking for 2 minutes
Flip again and cook an additional 1 1/2 minute
Plate and enjoy!

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hi, we eat fish at least 3 times a week. i have few diff recipes - baked, steamed, baked with veggies. One thing - i have read many articles about Tilapia that it eats pretty much garbage and most of it comes from very poluted placed. Same as Swai. Jusy a suggestion - look for country og origin.


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forgot to mention - if fish has strong fishy smell - put in the cold water with plain white vinegar for 10-15 minutess, wash after that and smell will go away or be much, much decreased.

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Yes fish and all proteins are very good for your body especially now. I am a little funny about fish but I love salmon. An easy way I do it is in a piece of aluminum foil sprayed with olive oil. any kind of herbs you like, I usually just do a little salt and pepper and a dusting, very lightly of garlic powder. wrap it up tight and put it on the grill for about twenty minutes. Make sure there is no red in the middle and it's done. It's great with steamed brocolli. Or you can do it in the house without the foil, just in a pan. My Dr specifically told me to NOT run to the holistic or vitamin store. The wanted me to get all my vitamins through my food, to much of anything, even vitamins your body cannot process and become toxic.Be careful there. But a dietician is a great idea. I have a friend who is one so I got some free advice and great ideas from her. Good luck with your treatments! Hopefully it wont be to rough.

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