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Possibly Uterine Cancer - Please Help

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I understand this is a forum for cancer survivors, but I need some advice.

I am the mum of 2 and a half year old twins. They were conceived naturally and the birth was vaginal. The major complication I had was something called HELLP synrome. I lost over 2 litres of blood during delivery, apparently from my kidney/liver. I had extremely high blood pressure. The babies were very healthy, no oxygen etc. They stayed in hospital for just over 3 weeks until they were full term.

Here is my problem. I have finally found a lady gyno who LISTENS. I have had vaginal bleeding/discharge for nearly 12 months now, it is red or brown and occasionally almost black. Recently I have bright red blood when I have pee or have a bowel movement and the blood definately comes from my vagina.
In summary, I have no infections, my ovaries appear normal although they contain small cysts. Pap smears are normal. They have made sure the blood is not coming from my bladder.
My first appointment with the new gyno was 2 weeks ago and to my pure delight she looked further than my cervix and found blood from a swap she took of my uterus. May sound strange to some but I cried happy tears because the other 2 gyno's I had been to had told me I had a 'beautiful cervix' and brushed me off.

The results from the uterine swab came back normal. She has booked me in for a Hysteroscopy. I have been put on a semi-urgent wait list so within 3 months I should have this procedure. Of course she cannot speculate on what she might find but I am interested if anyone else has had similar symptoms. She has also suggested she insert a Mirena as she wants me off the pill. I am 40 this month and will not be having anymore children so I may suggest having my tubes tied.

My periods are all over the place, for over 20 years they have been like clock work but now I will bleed for 1 or 2 days then stop for 1 or 2 days, then start again. The gyno said it may be hormonal, hence why she wants to insert a Mirena. If this was a hormonal problem why when I came off the pill for 3 months did the bleeding not stop?
The fact that since I saw the gyno I bleed EVERY time I go to the toilet is really messing with my emotions. I have been taking medication for depression and anxiety for over 10 years and with the uncertainty of this, I find myself in tears every day and wake up with a headache every day.

I understand this is trivial to the other stories I have read on this discussion board but my mental illness is preventing me from the 'wait and see' attitude I should be adopting.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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I know waiting is the hardest part, Ella. Three months is a long time to wait for a procedure. Hopefully, it is an indication that your situation is not one of dire need. If it were me I would call back often and remind your health care professional that you are continually bleeding, perhaps that will speed things up. I learned from personal experience that bleeding is sometimes an indication that things are not right. Trust your instincts and keep on pushing for help.

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PLEASE be careful of the Hysteroscopy! I'll share with you my story. I'm 56 and 2 years post-menopausal and had 2 times of bleeding/spotting back in Dec. 2011. I went to see my Gyn and he ordered a transvaginal ultrasound which showed a thickened endometrial lining of 9.6. Then he told me I needed to have a D & C and Hysteroscopy since he also saw a polyp and a fibroid in my uterus. I don't think he suspected cancer at all at this point.
After the path report from the D & C I was diagnosed with Endometrial Adnenocarcinoma and was told I needed to have a total hysterectomy.

I had the DaVinci robotic surgery on Feb. 17 and it went very well. The cancer was contained in the uterus and had not spread in to the myometrium or lymph nodes. But my pelvic wash they did during the surgery cam back postive for cancer cells. My Gyn/onc believes that the cells were washed out into my pelvic area during the Hysteroscopy because they fill the uterus with fluid when they do it.

This doesn't happen very often during this procedure but it DOES HAPPEN! So please ask your doctor to take special precautions while doing it. I'm in the middle of my 2nd round of Chemo to kill the cancer now. I would not have needed any other treatment otherwise since my cancer was Stage 1a Grade 2.

I hope the best for you and I pray that your doctor has wisdom and you both make the best decision for your health and well-being!

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I have to agree with Norma, waiting 3 months seems a bit long, but then again is that an indication they believe NO CANCER?

I have a friend in her late 30's who had constant spotting to heavy bleeding. OB did a wait and see for 6 months, with a few procedures hoping bleeding would subside. Unfortunately, bleeding continued and doc suggested a hysterectomy. To this day, some 7 years later, no more bleeding and no cancer.

Be proactive and if you believe something isn't right, convince your doctor to proceed sooner with the procedure. Our gut feelings are generally correct. We all know our bodies better then the professionals.

Keep the faith...it will all turn out just fine!!


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