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Scan on Tuesday, Scanxiety today. :)

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I've got my first PET/CT since starting FOLFOX this Tuesday. I've just completed the 4th round of FOLFOX and I feel better on this chemo and the pain has dropped to almost nothing so I am hopeful. As always, prayers and good thoughts appreciated.

It's been a tough couple of weeks. My port became infected and had to be removed. My surgeon removes it using a local in his office. I wasn't completely numb so it hurt like hell. He offered more and I told him I was fine and to just get it out of there. The assistant who dressed it was new and didn't wait until the dermabond dried to put on the dressing so when I pulled the dressing off today, I pulled all of the dermabond off so I started bleeding. I had a PIC put in to receive my chemo while we wait for the port site to heal so a new one can be installed. It's been in a little over a week and still hurts quite a bit.

Like I said, tough couple of weeks but that's why they call it Fighting Cancer and not Treating Cancer, right?

Take care everyone!

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Hey, Jimbo!

Things certainly sound promising with your treatment. Sending loads of prayers and good thoughts your way that this treatment is working.

I do hate to hear that you had to have your port removed. Strange, huh, but my oncologist thinks mine will be removed in the hospital like a one-day surgery out patient thing. I think I'd rather it go that way than to have it done in the office and experience what you did! Of course what does my oncologist know? It will be the surgeon who decides where it gets done! :-)

Anyway, hang in there, and know that I'm sending positive mojo your way, along with lots of hugs!!!


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Fingers and toes crossed for a clean report. You’ve been through enough already – you deserve some good news and we’re all rooting for you.

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Good grief, Jim. If it ain't one thing it's another!

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Well that term scanxiety says it all, doesnt it? I am hoping and praying the results are good and the chemo is staving off the beast. Please let us know how it goes. So sorry to hear of your difficulties the past few weeks. I hope you feel well enough to do the things you enjoy. Just know that we are all rooting for you!
Hugs to you Jim,

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Lots of prayers and positive thoughts coming your way for the scan news you hope to hear. I just went through the waiting for results fun, and I know it is hard to keep negative thoughts out of your head. I just kept telling myself "no value in worrying about the results it won't change the outcome". I hope you get great news.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
McCormick, South Carolina

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Hey Jimbo!

You keep your positive attitude and we'll pray for the scan to show you're progress is as great as it should be.

Don has the port in him too - I hope when it comes out he doesn't have an experience like you did. Someone already said this, but it is always something with this beast.

Glad to hear you're tolerating the treatment regiment better - that will certainly help things.

You know we'll be anxiously awaiting your results.

FEC and hugs,

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You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there and know everyone is pulling for you. You will have lots of prayers and positive energy flowing towards you. You deserve a good report after everything that you've endured.


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You keep fighting a strong fight, and I'm glad to see that. Prayers are in place for good scan results.



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As always Jimbo I'm sending prayers and positive thoughts your way. Everyone on here understands scanxiety. Good luck.

Ann wife of Alan
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Tina Blondek
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Hey Jimbo
Thanks for your recent update, even though it sounded horrible, you made it! Sending you only positive thoughts for Tuesday. God has you in the palm of his hand, let him continue to lead the way. let us know how it all goes, give yourself and your wife a big hug!
Tina in Va

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Thanks guys. Scan went over without a hitch. Now to wait for the results. I'm not pulling them early. I'm waiting until Thursday like I am supposed to. :) Tale care everyone and I post as soon as I know.

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