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2 years and no sign of recurrence :)

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Hello everyone,

First of all i would like to say how deeply saddened i am to read some of the stories of peoples experiences with esophageal cancer,it really frustrates me that there isnt just some miracle cure for everyone...I guess everyone who experiences any type of cancer has there own story to tell,some positive,some negative...

Well for me it has been a positive one or should i say a positive outcome so far and i am really just writing this so maybe anybody in a similiar position can find the strength to try and make sense of it all.Im 36 and I was diagnosed 2 years ago now with stage 4 esophageal cancer and distant lymph node involvement,cannot operate,only one real shot at it with radiation and chemo.I could not eat or drink.Pretty bleak outcome right?Well so i thought:( Everything i read,every article,the doctors opinions,the statistics seemed to tell me i was F*%$$D.I honestly stopped living on the inside,just went numb to the whole world and everything in it.

I had a CT scan the other day and follow up oncologist appointment and guess what!2 years after treatment and Still no sign of cancer,well nothing of notice anyway.I was in the doctors for about 2 minutes and believe me there the type of appointments i like.My quality of life is pretty normal and sometimes i think to myself what was all the fuss about.On one hand im thinking"well ok im just lucky so far"and on the other im thinking"S&@T maybe im cured"

I dont know the answer,nobody does but i guess im living proof that this cancer can be beaten or at least can give it a good kick in the bum.I wish i had of read my own story 2 years ago and it would have saved me a lot of worry.:/I have read a few times on here about the statistic of 1 and wow that really makes a lot of sense now.I just wish everyone would have a positive result like myself and if i had anything to do with it i would make it so.

I hope in writing this i dont offend anyone that is not having such a positive result and beleive me i do know what your going through and my thoughts and prayers are with you all.


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No worries about offending anyone. I don't think you will run across anyone on here who is anything but happy to read your story. I think it will be taken just as you intended, an offer of hope. My oncologist says that to fight cancer you need both hope and realistic expectations and I agree. I am a stage IVb, had surgery and the first scan after surgery, it was back in the nodes and progressed. I know that as a stage IV, the survival rate drops to 3%. Chances are that I am not one of those 3% but someone has to be, right. :) After all, I still buy lottery tickets and the odds for that are crazy.

I'm doing well and have a scan on Tuesday. I pray that the chemo has knocked it back some. I feel great overall and think it may be doing better but if not, I'll deal with it. Even though I feel so good, I'm still making my arrangements for the end just in case.

Glad to hear your story and it does give me hope. All my best for continued victories against this beast.

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Dan, it's so good to read your story. You give hope to lots of other stage 4 people. I certainly don't see how you could offend anyone. Keep on sharing the good news!

Sending you lots of hugs and prayers!

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Dan the Man is indeed a lucky man. Blessed is the word I would use though! Kudos to you and your wonderful news! Now go fill your life with fun and love and most especially love!

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Hi Dan,
Hey just wondering if you have done anytjhing out of the ordinary in terms of treatment? Any particular chemo combos, foods, alternate medicines etc etc??

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hi steve,

first of all sorry for the late reply :/
I didnt have anything out of the ordinary in terms of treatment,just 28 days of radiation on my esophagous and affected lymph nodes and two one week rounds of chemo at the begginning and end of the radiation,i guess this is pretty standard in terms of esophageal cancer...to answer your questions about any other types of treatments i dont really have much to tell.I did drink huge doses of vitamin C,water and im sure its hepled me in some way but other then that I didnt really change my diet,just lots of vegetables and no junk food really.I did spend most of last year in indonesia and after a few locals and my gf found out about my cancer they got this special tea made from a conconction of different plants from this medicine man who is really well known over there.I dont know if it had any effect on me but the indonesians swear by it and told me they know many people that have had chronic illnesses cured from this awful disgusting tea but i was already having positive results before i drank it so i cant tell.I think that i am fortunate so far and i put it down to the fact i was reasonably fit, my young age and i have never had issues with illness my whole life until having cancer.I did see a naturapath when i was first diagnosed and was freaking out what to do..He actually said all this mumbo jumbo about doctors and how cancer is curable and the medical world makes to much money from drugs,treatments blah blah blah but i figured the doctor knows more then some guy working from home claiming the whole worlds a conspiracy...Im sure there is natural remedies that can help,gee maybe even cure cancer and im sure different things work for different people. In my case i went to the doctors,treated me and now im just taking it as it comes and just try to live a healthy lifestyle and if it rears its ugly head again i guess i will try everything and anything!
kind regards

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or is it just something they make specifically in Indonesia? I would be interested if you have any information on it. Who knows, that may have had a positive effect on you!

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Hi Dan,

My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 recently, and responding well to treatment so far. Could you please share more about the "special tea" you referred to? I greatly appreciate your messages of hope!

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My father was diagnosed with Stage 4 with mets to the liver. What is the tea you were drinking? I have heard of a tea out there that cancer survivors have used. I cannot recall what it is.
Thank you for your help.
God Bless you and your recovery!



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i welcome any stories small or miracles where someone is beating the odds. Keep the good news coming

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Dantheman - it is wonderful to hear positive stories. Your particular story means a lot to me as my Bill is not a surgery candidate because of other health issues, so to hear of someone beating the odds without surgery is just inspiring. Wishing you many more happy healthy years.

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It really does mean a lot to all of the people here when someone sends a positive post.
Thanks Dan!
You are that Man!
Prayers, Love and hugs,
Marci x

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