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My MOM Lpack

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Joined: Jul 2009

HI Ladies!

A while back my mom requested me to be on this board with you all. So when she did come to the point where she couldnt post, I would be able to keep you all updated. I know you all have other virtual resources but thought I would just come here.

My mom has been a great teal fighter like many of you! What an inspiration to us all. My mom has had this dreadful disease now for 4 years. Her spirits have been high, a true fighter. She has told me alot about this board and how she loved coming here for comfort and support. She has made many friends! Thanks.

I know sometimes the downer posts can make you feel like there is no hope. But there is hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. He is our strength and comfort.

I felt the need to come here tonight and let you all know my mom is now in hospice. Not to get you all down but for support and prayers. I know she appreciates you ALL!

You ladies are a very strong group of gals! I come here from time to time and read your updates! Keep fighting! :)

May God keep ALL of you in his loving arms!

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I'm so sorry to hear your mom is in hospice. But, you aare right, there is hope in Jesus. He will strengthen you, give you courage and most of all peace during this time.

My prayers are with you and your mom.


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I appreciate the update on your mom. I was hoping to hear some better news and my prayers are for your mom, you & your family.

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I know your mother through another board, I believe, and I really respect her courage and persistance with this disease. She was planning a fishing trip a few weeks ago, was she not? I hope she got to go. I am very sad to hear this news. Your mother is a very special lady.
My prayers are with you and your family.

Posts: 18
Joined: Jul 2009

Yes! She did get to go on the fishing trip! Thanks for asking! And ladies thanks for the encouragement! :)

Cindy Bear
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Thank you for keeping us looped in. Libby seems like a such a strong, kind, compassionate person. I Could tell from her posts that she has amazing faith in God, her family and friends. I never sensed any fear or anger in any of her posts. You are blessed to have her as a mother. Will be keeping her(and all of you) in my thoughts and prayers.

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But I am so sorry to hear that your dear mother is in hospice. She is a true fighter and an inspiration to all. Equally important, is that your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ is paramount through all of this, and it blesses me to know that you and your mom will have the hope and comfort only He can provide.

My prayers will continue for all of you. Sending love and hugs as well.

God Bless.

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for coming to keep us in the loop. We love your Mom also, and you are so right when you call her a real fighter. Send her our love and keep some for yourself!
(((HUGS))) Maria

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we tend to worry when we don't hear from sisters for awhile..your momis a very special lady and she has many people praying for her. This must be very difficult for you. God bless you and your family...val

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for the update on your beloved mom and for your encouraging words to us. I can only imagine how difficult this is for you. Sending you and your mom lots of hugs and prayers.


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Tina Brown
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Sorry to hear this news. I always liked reading your mum's posts, she had empathy and spirit. My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this difficult time.

Tina xx

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I hope you and your Mom get great relief from hospice,please tell her we are thinking of her.

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Your mother is a very sweet, kind and wonderful lady. I always appreciate her comments and have followed her journey. Please tell her that we all love her and that I believe she made her mark on all of us.

I read your post yesterday and was going to respond but I just couldn't. I know how hard it is for you and you have all my prayers coming your way.

Thank you so much for posting and letting us know what is happening.


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Joined: Dec 2010

so sorry to hear such sad news! i will pray for your mother and your family! stay strong!
(((hugs)) - Victoria

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Posts: 179
Joined: Jun 2011

I am very saddened to hear this about your mother. I have always enjoyed reading her posts and admired her strength. Prayers are going up for Libby and her family. Sharon

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Hugs and prayers for your family.

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So sorry to hear this, libby has been here since mum began her journey and lost :(. I hope she is comfortable, I prayed to the buddah for good luck for all the ladies the other day, I hate this ******* disease . Keep us all posted pn your mums progress, much love xxxx

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Thank you for sharing with us. Libby is truly a fighter and always positive. I hope she can still read her FB e-mail, I will send her a message.
My prayers are with you and your family today.
Wnarm hugs,

Posts: 1223
Joined: Jun 2008

Thank you for sharing with us. Libby is truly a fighter and always positive. I hope she can still read her FB e-mail, I will send her a message.
My prayers are with you and your family today.
Wnarm hugs,

Posts: 165
Joined: Dec 2010

i am very sorry to bother you in such difficult time, but your mom was big part of this board, she always supported many of us. I am praying for her and for your family. God Bless you! please update us on your mom's state.
thank you and once again - so sorry to bother you.

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I remember when your mother and mine entered the same trial...she was number 18 and my Mom number 23 I think......My prayers are with you and your Mom right now.....Having been through this, all I can say to you is to just be there with her. I had some seriously profound, life changing interactions with my Mom when she was in hospice.....she gave me some of the greatest gifts of my life during that time. Please send her my best. Take care of yourself. Sincerely, Lisa

kikz's picture
Posts: 1347
Joined: Jun 2010

are with your mom, you and your family during this difficult time. It is hard to hear the news and I feel blessed that I was able to read your mom's posts. I hope she finds peace.


Posts: 18
Joined: Jul 2009

Dont worry about bothering me...all the thoughts,prayers support mean the world...so dont think its a bother. And I feel blessed to know you all care about her so much to ask how she is doing.

As of right now, she has been in hospice for 2 weeks and 4 days. My mom is a trooper like many of you! The pain meds are keeping her comfortable for the most part. Hospice has been great for my mom. And your right Lisa, my mom and I have shared alot of special moments. I had surgery 3 weeks ago and my hubby took a few days off so he could watch the kids and I spent time with my mom alone. It was wonderful! I will cherish those days forever. She is my best friend. The one I leaned on for advice or just a girl chat. :) I think it will be hard once she is gone. But I know she will be in a better place. And knowing that I will reunit with her one day is even a better feeling.

I hope you all dont mind but I plan to read her the comments here. Thanks again for all your prayers, support and kind words.

Jessica :)

Posts: 165
Joined: Dec 2010

Hello Jessica!
thank you so much for the update,
please tell you Mom that she is real trooper and i am sure everybody on this board appreciated her support and advise, i know i did.
please stay strong, share special moments and at least hospise and pain meds keeping your mom comfortable.
my thoughts and prayers with your family!
God Bless!


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I just want you to know how much we appreciated having her on this board to share her journey and her advice and words of comfort. I pray that God grants your Mom and your family comfort, peace and strength at this time.


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Love you and sending prayers and peaceful thoughts your way. Enjoy your daughter ;)



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Posts: 179
Joined: Jun 2011

Thanks so much for the update on your mother. Libby I always enjoyed reading your posts and advice. My favorite picture of you was you dancing with I believe your son. What a great picture. I have sent prayers that God will hold you in his arms and make you comfortable Libby. That he will also be with your family and give them strength and peace. Love You Libby Big Hugs Sharon

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I am so glad you are getting to spend special time with her and I know when she is gone it is going to hurt, but you going to be with her again one day and until then you have those special moments to hold on to.

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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