Dad has stage 4 lung cancer Adenocarcinoma, Need Help...

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Can anyone give me some information, my dad has been fit and healthy and in the last six months was suffering from back pain to cut a long story short, we were told yesterday it is Stage 4 lung cancer, it;s also in his lymph nodes and affecting his rib which is where all the pain is coming from. We are to meet with the oncologist this Tuesday to disucuss radiothereapy but they never mentioned chemotherapy and I am not sure why. We did not ask how long my dad has as we would rather take each day at a time, the pain thing we need to do is to get his pain sorted out. At the moment he is taking 90ml of MST Morphine and also liquid morphine as and when needed. Can anyone give me advice on what I should be asking on Tuesday. I have heard about Tarceva but not sure if you will get this is there anything else he could get. I don;t want to lose my dad and I also don;t think he is ready to give up, he has so much to live for and mum and dad live life to the full. I am writing this and my mum is in hospital just gone throuigh a Breast Surgery operation for Cancer she was diagnosed 3 weeks ago we are just going through hell and any help would be greatly appreciated my parents are both 76.. Should I be putting them both on Cancer Fighting foods as they have a lot to get through....


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    Your dad
    I am very sorry about your mom and dad. My dad had melanoma two years ago and now mom has lung cancer and it's hard to see them go through this. While I don't have a lot of helpful info to share, I do recommend going to appointments if he allows you to. I wrote down everything and would type and email to my parents so they could refer back to them. During appointments we are nervous and not hearing everything, so this helps to remember what was said. It also allows you to research items and think of questions for the next appointment. The best advice above that is to stay positive. Positivity and hope have kept my mom here longer than any medicine they have given her. I firmly beleive that. Good luck to both your Mom and your Dad and stay strong.