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I turned the corner

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Just wanted to say today I turned the corner and the pain is almost gone! I can actually sit on my behind as opposed to my hip!!! The burns are healing fast and I feel sooo much better. My last treatment was 10 days ago.

You were right Martha, one day you feel miserable and then overnight things change.

My stamina is still low but I will take it :)

I am grateful for you all and send good vibes to each. To the new folks who are facing treatment starting I will keep you in my prayers. Take it one day at a time and be good to yourself, listen to your body, rest/sleep as you need and keep on top of your fluid and caloric intake, it is VERY important. Let your loved ones help you and lean on them when you need to. You WILL make it through this, remember "Weeks for years!".


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So happy for you! I remember the feeling of being able to sit like a normal person again. Keep in mind your body will be healing for some time yet and some days will be better than others. Don't overdue, even if you are feeling well. My energy level comes and goes and I am a year post treatment. I now have other health issues, but still remind myself to eat healthy and take occasional short naps. Again....congratulations on getting your butt back! As always,all in my prayers.

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I am SO very happy for you! It's kind of like magic, isn't it? Feeling crappy one day, next day feeling pretty darned good! This just makes my day! Yes, give yourself a break on the energy level. Your body has been assaulted by this treatment and it needs a little time to recover. The main thing is not being in pain anymore--the rest you can deal with! I'm going to tell my husband that someone else told me I was right and watch him roll his eyes! lol! He hates it when I'm right! :) Take good care and know that each and every little improvement is something to celebrate. I am thrilled for you!

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eihtak, I plan on taking it easy like you said. I am so looking forward to getting out of the house but gonna wait till next weekend. You are so right... I GOT MY BUTT BACK!!! :)

Martha, let your husbands eyes roll and bask in the I told you so hehehe!!!! You know what youre talking about! Have a great weekend!!!!

HUGS to everyone!!


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Love it! I know just how you feel. We don't know how much we take our butts for granted till they're out of commission! Congratulations - and continue to feel better each day.

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Great news! Naps are still my friend...


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