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Just a stupid question

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Seems every cancer has a "ribbon" color. Dowe ladies with UPSC have a color? Just wondering, Best Debrajo

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In the UK, we have a peach ribbon for uterine cancers, but there are no differentiations for the various subtypes e.g.. UPSC, MMMT etc. Not sure if it it the same in the US?
Kindest wishes

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Double Whammy
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It's not a stupid question. I researched all the awareness colors quite a bit as I make really cool bags/totes with a Phoenix Rising design embroidered in each of the appropriate awareness colors. I donate 10% of the sales to my cancer center for cancer research. Here's what I've concluded (and this is my story and I'm sticking to it).

TEAL represents all gynecologic cancers, including ovarian, cervical, uterine, vaginal, vulvar and cancer of the fallopian tubes. While uterine/endometrial cancer has its own color, PEACH , it also falls under the umbrella of all gynecologic cancers. The color is also used to raise awareness for sexual assault and polycystic ovary disease.

Teal and white are often used together specifically for cervical cancer.

Lavendar is the overall awareness color for all cancers and if you go to the Foundation for Women's Cancer website you'll notice they use lavendar everywhere - maybe because they also include breast cancer (it is, afterall, a woman's cancer primarily).

So, pick your color. Just don't use pink . . . enough of that everywhere.


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I think peach is a great color! Especially since we need something to make us stand out, since UPSC seems to be an orphan disease. I'm getting out my sewing machine and looking for peach colored material! Should be easy since I'm a Southern girl! Thanks all, Best, Debrajo

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