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treatment two, WOW

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drugs were pushed faster today than my first treatment. And i feel symptoms already. Don't know what to expect now. From what I have read on here, some treatments are worse than others. So I guess this is a bad one. My ca-125 was 236 before first treatment and is now 119 on the draw they did before second treatment. A significant drop which is going in the right direction. Does this mean it's working? From some of your posts, you have gotten disappointed even though the numbers came down. I still feel like something is wrong. So next few days I will be resting and drinking.

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Treatments 5 and 6 were the hardest for me. 5 so was hard, I nearly refused the last one. 3 was a hard one as we switched to taxotere from taxol and I thought taxotere was harder than taxol overall. None of them were easy though. My ca 125 was 212 before surgery, 12 before I started chemo and has been 8 or 9 since. Hang in there. Two down, you are one third of the way through.

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kimberly sue 63
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Hang in there...rest and fluids are a good plan.

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The fact that your CA 125 is coming down is good. I agree with Kimberly Sue that rest and fluids are a good plan. It's not easy but you're doing good! And we're here for you.


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I have found that each time I have chemo it effects me differently, some times are easier than others. I agree... rest/sleep/drink as much as possible and try to eat small meals of whatever happens to taste ok, every few hours. I love 236 to 119.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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I think your chemo is working. Do your best to distract yourself from worry or negative thoughts. The chemo causes you to lose serotonin (the brain chemical that makes us feel good). I used to weep a lot from the chemo and still do on occasion.

It's gonna get better eventually.

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My doc says that CA 125 going down is a sign the chemo is working. You had a nice drop from the first treatment! I am finding each treatment IS different - we gotta cope with it no matter what it brings. Hang in there.

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I do wish you luck with your treatment. I used to get excited when my CA 125 went down, but I learned that it is not a good test. In fact, with me, while my cancer was progressing the CA 125 came down. I've never had any luck with it so my doctor doesn't even do the CA 125 anymore. Try to rest as much as possible and I know it's not easy not to worry because I do, but maybe the CA 125 is accurate for you and that is great news.

Also, I recently got a book on cancer and nutrition and it said that cancer cells feed on sugar, so I try to stay away from sweets.

Take care.

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thanks for the tip on sugar. would'nt ya know that sweet things are the only things that taste like they are supposed to. After the first treatment I did not experience wierdness in taste of foods, but this time I do. I will be more aware of my sugar intake now thanks to your tip though. The only things I seem to want are cheeseburgers on the grill and fries. That is other than sweet things. My Dr said if you want cheeseburgers every meal-- go for it. I see the onc on May 1. we have a LOT to discuss.

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I never heard that about the sugar! Yikes...I love sweets, and that is the best thing that tastes good right now.
This one is harder on me as well....my legs hurt so bad and I get those shooting pains in them. I am also fighting cold/allergies, so I feel crappy that way. I'm taking the Clariton, which is suppose to help, but doesn't seem to be. Hot sweats at night is another thing...
I am one to not lay around so the resting thing is not what I like to do, and know I should.
I've been drinking lots of green tea. Seems like the best thing to quench my thirst.
I go back on the 1st too, and then we are half way done!!!

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they should be given at a slow drip. I hope you are felling better. I am on cisplantin/gemzar and get very dehydrated,,was in bed for 5 days. Next chemo I will get IV fluids at home next days.Make sure you drink and drink more..val

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the leg pain SUX!!!! almost unbearable, I have the same thing. My Dr told me to take Ibuporofen 800 mg three days before twice a day and then 3 days after 2-3 times a day on a non empty stomach. But I don't know your history of stomach ailments and it can aggravate, but it has seemed to help me this time. But check with them first.
Also as far as a thirst quencher, I have turned to putting a squirt of fresh lemon in things. my gatorade, my water, even 7up. tastes better and makes it easier to go down.

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