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Anyone find a way to beat aches and pains form Arimidex?

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Wonder if anyone has had any luck with Glucosimine/Condrouiton?
I can't take nsaids like motrin and tylenol makes me sick.

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I've been on it for just about a month and the first 2 weeks were just killer. I did some reading online and there was a suggestion to try taking the pill at bedtime. Well, lemme tell ya, it is working for me. I was achy, lethargic, depressed, foggy brained, etc before changing to this new time. Bedtime for me is around 10PM. You can try different times at night to see if one of them seems more beneficial. I think taking the Arimidex at night keeps the side effects quiet while you sleep.

Hope this helps :)


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I'm taking 2000 IU of vitamin D every day and it seems to help. I had more achy joints when I first started the arimidex, but nothing compared to femera. Every once in a while I'll notice that the room seems to spin, just once for a second or two. I'll stop taking the arimidex for a day or so and that seems to help that issue. Several of my drs said dizziness wasn't a side effect but since it's printed on the label of the bottle, I'm guessing they're wrong.

Hope you find the solution that works for you.


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I've been on Arimidex for about 5 months and I walk like I'm 90 years old when I first get up! Since the reply from Mary, I may check with my Onc. and try taking it at night to see if it helps me. I take it the same time each morning and I also need to find out if it interacts with any other meds as well. The Onc. made sure that I was on Calcium supplements with vit. D. Have you had any memory problems or am I just REALLY getting old? I hope you have success and please let me know when you find the answer. Barbara

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before it stopped working and I developed bone mets. Thus, I've been switched to Faslodex injections. However, with the aches and pains I had while I was taking it, I found that exercise really helped a lot. Some days I got out of bed like a little old lady, but if I could take a great walk with my dog or fit in 30 minutes at the gym, I felt so much better.

I know that more movement is sometimes the last thing you want to think about, but it truly helped me. On the days I did not exercise, I felt much worse.

Good luck to you.

Hugs, Renee

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taking mine at night and was given gabepentin for the nueropathy pain that i had and that has totally helped me alot. Like Renee i have also found out that walking has helped as well.

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I started taking Arimidex in 11/2010 and pretty quickly I had the severe stiffness and pain. I was 42 yrs old but walking or getting up from sitting I looked like a 100 yr old. It was horrible. My doc told me it takes a while for your body to adjust. After 1 year, I couldn't handle it anymore so my doc switched me to Aromasin. It was no better. Then he prescribed Cymbalta-30mg/day for 2 wks, then 60mg/day. IT WORKED! It took 2 weeks to feel relief, but then ALL the pain went away and 90% of the stiffness is gone. I hope others who are stiff or in pain will ask their docs about this and I hope it will work just as well as it has for me. I feel almost back to normal!
Good luck!

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