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Help with living? advice please, lung cancer, brain mets, radiotherapy.

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I went into hospital a few weeks ago with a headache; two CT scans and an MRI scan later, I was told I had a 4cm mass in my brain. Surgery was performed the very next day at TGH. They removed the whole tumor which we were told was lung cancer with brain metatases. Several weeks later I am still unable to work. I am awaiting radiation treatment on my brain and a 'Pet Scan' before they will operate to remove a tumor from my right lung. The pet scan has been nigh impossible to find, nowhere would do it until my medicaid came through and it has been several wasted weeks just waiting on bureaucracy. I expect more radiation therapy to the lung following the surgery when it can eventually be done. Financially it has been awful, I have worked my whole life, now I'm on disability and receive the grand amount of $16 a month in food stamps. I don't drive so getting to and from the hospital is a task in itself, I have to get two or three buses each way and my mobility is affected... I am consistently sore, stiff and achy. Today I got a call from ACS telling me I live "too close" for help with road to recovery, trips to the hospital and back, (I live maybe 30 miles from the hospital)which have to be daily during my radiation treatment. It seems like so many barriers are put up in the way. Any constructive advice from anyone out there would be much appreciated. Please.

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