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Cervical questions

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I am so confused. I had a very heavy period two weeks ago. HUGE Clots and heavy heavy bleeding.

Well, I started bleeding again last night, pretty heavy....but not severely. I've had nausea with it. I called the doctor and she is out, so I got the nurse practioner. She said that it's not abnormal to do this. I'm worried cause when I was at dr last time they say I had a small cyst on ovary (with no blood supply to it) and nothing to be concerned about. I'm very very scared.....what if this is more than just abnormal bleeding due to perimenopause? Or stress? Or etc.?

I did douche other night (The Rephresh stuff that doctor recommended) and the next day I started bleeding.

I did have abnormal pap smear two years ago, but they've been clear the last two times. The last one was in February 2012.


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then a temporary alteration of hormone production is the only common cause of your current bleeding problem. I say this because of the fact that you 've apparently had routine gyn care, so many problems can be pretty much ruled out just by the fact you've been examined. Perimenopause wouldn't be the most likely explanation, as your age is under that where these types of problems are typically seen. A recent finding of a cyst on your ovary would suggest that this may be related to your bleeding problem. In the reproductive years, most cysts are "functional", meaning they result from and/or contribute to an alteration in hormone production, which is typically temporary. Having said this, I anticipate if you were already found to have a cyst, some kind of follow up is likely already planned?

And if it isn't it should be. Don't take heavy bleeding lightly, of course. It can be a problem by itself, and if it doesn't end quickly, it should lead to a visit, just to investigate it and to get some help with it.

If the reason you are posting is fear of cancer, this type of scenario is not likely to be due to malignancy. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your reply.

She said that the cyst did not have active blood supply to it and it Would dissolve on its on. The nurse prac said that it shouldn't be causing the bleeding and more likely it was stress. Hmmm....maybe so. My first fear was CANCER! So yeah, def a higher stress level. That and an abnormal pap two years ago made me stress too that it could be cervical. She told me if I was still bleeding Tuesday to call back. I have slacked up some, so we will see. Very scary, especially for someone who has never done that.

I do wonder if my hormones are off-kilter.

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