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It's gone...

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I just made it thru another treatment of chemo....4 more to go. I also made it thru another step in the stage of this disease. My hair is gone!! It was the hardest day, and biggest step. But actually, now that it is gone, and not falling out all over the place like my dogs, it feels better. My daughter, who is a hair stylist, did it for me. I told her to have fun cutting it off, cuz she will never get this chance again. So she did it in styles. It made what I thought was going to be a sobfest into fun. Now that it is off, I feel more like I have cancer. I know it's temporary. But yet it will be a long time before I will feel like "normal". My wig is nice, and everyone tells me how great it looks, but yet I k now it is no real, and feel people stare....even tho they aren't.
It's all good tho. I have so much support from my kids, sisters, friends, and all of you. Couldn't do it without!!
Thanks for letting me vent here.....

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a few tears the day I made the decision to have my head shaved. Once it was over I found it freeing. You're right, that was the day I looked like I had cancer. I had a cousin who was so helpful and nurturing and after I texted her a picture of me with my bald head she was unable to be around me. People were mad at her but even now she won't look at a picture of me bald. But I have to say I never noticed anyone staring at me or doing a double-take. Not even children. Concentrate on your treatment, as you said the hair loss is temporary. My best to you.


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Way to go.... getting through another chemo and making the shaving fun. It's everyone's personal choice as to wear wigs or not, but I always did when I went out. It wasn't vanity, for me it was feeling like I blended in and felt more normal.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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I also completed my second treatment today. Hit me a little harder this time. already feeling some side effects and last time it took a couple days. My head was shaved but not that I am completly bald I was like starting all over again, very tough week. As far as wigs, mine is very cute, but it is also very uncomfortable. I prefer knitted caps and hats. Thy are comfy and have liners, if I get too hot, i just pull out the liner. Wish I had not spent so much money on turbans and fancy scarves. but I will just donate them. They just dont look right on me. Cant believe I got two behind me already. Four to go, or that is the plan. What was your ca-125 today? Mine had been 236 before first treatment, today was 119.

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Glad to hear that you both made through your second chemo. The next one will be done before you know it and then you'll be more than half way through! Losing the hair is a huge deal that only we can fully understand. I myself didn't go the wig route; I chose to wear hats and scarves. I had my chemo last winter which means that my head was always cold, so I also wore a knit cap to bed. Undertreatment, so glad that your CA-125 is coming down and hope yours is too, Twillits.

Please keep us posted on your progress.

Take care,

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...and having a head shaving party next weekend. So far side effects aren't too bad other than twitchy legs and constipation. Need to drink more water. You guys are a little bit ahead of me. I bought a wig that is pretty much my same hair style. I will only wear it if I want to go out and not feel like people staring. I also got some cute hats. There are some really cute hats on this site: http://www.hatsscarvesandmore.com/

Hang in there ladies...we WILL get through this and get to dance with NED!!

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Thanks! Glad it is going well for you. That last dance sound great!!!

Another place for wigs/hats/scarves is tlcdirect.org......they are very reasonable in prices.

Keep in touch!

Hugs back!

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