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shrank by 50%

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GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS!! I got the results yesterday from my 2nd scan. The tumors have shrunk by 50%! Now to keep fighting to get rid of the other 50%. He does want to reduce my dose to 37.5 a day. The side effects were pretty rough this time around. He is also hoping at some point in the future to do interlukin II. I pray that it all works! I hope this little bit of good news gives you all some encouragement to continue the fight! Blessings of good health and great reports to all.


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I love hearing news like this! I'm so happy for you! Yep, Sutent can be pretty gnarly at times with those side effects, but it's totally worth it.

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I am glad to hear this & I hope by your next scan it will be NED!

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Rock on Nancy

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Way to go Nana, that's great news! May the next scan show NED...Nana Extinguishes Disease...

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Keep the faith and fight the good fight!

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Nancy, if that's just a little bit, I'm not sure my system will be able to take it when the really good news arrives! That's stupendous. Let's hope it won't be too long before you join what our Rose Woodward in the UK calls "Club Ned".

Since we have somewhat similar conditions, can you remind me where you are under treatment and what the criteria were for going for Sutent and possibly Il2? Your tumour was substantially sarcomatoid but have you had confirmation of which sub-type(s) it was originally?

Before long you may be graduating into the Fox elite class.

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Great news. As my Dr. told me, "You can go ahead and buy green bananas now."

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That made my day! I am so happy for you! We are all cheering you on. You go girl!

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