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CONTRADICTORY PET RESULTS...... your opinion will be appreciated!

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As I knew had 3 lymph nodes affected two in my collarbone and one on paraaorthic area the results of pet shows a considerable shrinking in my collarbone ones but an small increase of the activity in the paraaorthic one ! can any of you explain if this is normal? I don't think. It was after 4 rounds only.
Hugs mates have a nice wknd .

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As you know my 'medical degree' comes from "by guess and by golly"...lol...but it sounds as if the ones at the collarbone got first crack at chemo benifits...now that they are getting smaller, there will be more good drugs for the other.

Praying that the next few rounds show much more success at getting rid of them all!

Hugs my friend,

Marie who loves kitties

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just speculation, but my wife had a similar situation in that her liver mets and lymphs are showing good chemo response, but primary tumor in colon now seems to be more active and unresponsive to chemo. Onc said it could be that the blood supply in that area is just not delivering sufficient chemo. but she wasn't definitive. Also, there is a limit to the resolution capabilities of PET scans so that near that near limit there may be a lot of error in sizing cancerous tissue, but this is something your radiologist should be abe to elaborate upon.

and finally, because I have been disenheartened by differing raiolodigists opinions on the same scans I have learned it is not only the machine's limitations one must consider but the limitations of the radiologist. Get you own copy of the images on a disk after every scan and find a second radiologist experiencec in oncology who will render a second opinion.

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Great news that the collarbones have shrunk considerably! Hoorah. I woudn't be too discouraged about the paraortic one at this stage -- it's "only" 4 cycles -- and only a "small" increase. May take some more time. And the PET is not 100% accurate. My oncologist and radiologist were recently discussing that when tumors are responding they can sometimes "throw off" something (?!) which can then appear to be an increase in activity...giving a slight false positive. Will they do 4 more cycles on this regime and then a repeat PET? Good luck!


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going to have a new pet or CT in a couple of months,then will see if cyberknife is needed or not.
Hope you are fine my friend !
Big hug!

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Hey Pepe,

I don't have any sage advice, but I wanted to let you know that Rick and I are thinking of you and sending our best wishes.



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Hugs to both!

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Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you of praying for a good outcome.

Hugs! Kim

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Dear pepe,
Not sure about the nodes. I pray for healthy pets for us all.
So far my dogs and rabbits are fine but the Gold fish are well are nervous. God works in mysterious ways. I am camping on the beach, have dropped off the grid.


Ps I have faith in many things diet and God and supplements Tcm well, they may help.
Did an hours beach running today with the kids and some weights.

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Kenny H.
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Glad they are shrinking Pepe.
Primary tumor may need more than 4 rounds to respond?

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