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Anybody had a lumpectomy and developed a huge hematoma which then had to be removed? I had two tumors removed w/ lots of tissue last month. Horrible bruising and now the entire thing is hard as a rock. Dr says we need to have another surgery to remove it. My question is, if they cut me open again, how is that going to be different this time? I'm so confused. Surg scheduled for next Tuesday.

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a seroma at the sentinel node biopsy site which turned into a hematoma. When it was a seroma they drained it twice and wrapped my chest tight with an Ace bandage. By the third time it had become a hematoma and the surgeon put me on antibiotics which gradually fixed the problem. I remember it being bulky and uncomfortable and frustrating, but not painful. And I didn't need surgery.

I hope you get relief.


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Sending you lots of good luck and praying for you next Tuesday. Keep us updated.

Hugs, Debby

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How are you doing, dear Sister?

Please update us when possible.

Vicki Sam

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