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6 months CT scan

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Hi Everyone:

I got great news today, but I’m also very sensitive to those on this board who have had not-so-great news. In my first post last fall I said I almost felt guilty for being “only” Stage 1, and Eric “yelled” at me and said I should feel blessed, not guilty, which I have tried to do ever since. It was one of many wonderfully sensitive things poor Eric said.

I had my 6 month post-op CT scan and appointment with my surgeon today, and the news was all good. The scans were clear and all organs were “unremarkable.” Best of all, “No CT evidence to suggest local recurrence or metastatic disease.” NED! Hallefrigginluiah!!

I’d told myself before the appointment not to sweat it, to wait to hear what he had to say, and to be prepared for whatever it might be. I knew that statistically as a Stage 1 the odds were that it would be clear, but I also know that with this beast we have to be prepared for anything. I tried to ignore the statistics about EC when I was first diagnosed and I believe wholeheartedly that each of us is a statistic of 1, so I was trying to ignore the stats again for the past few days. But it turns out I wasn’t as successful as I’d thought, because when he told me what the report said the feeling of relief was profound, to say the least. Like I did when he told me in October that my surgical path reports were negative, my first reaction was that I cried from the relief.

So I wanted to share my good news with my friends on the board. We’re saddened by one another’s bad and often tragic news, and I know I’ve rejoiced whenever someone is NED. I know full well that my NED report only counts until my next scan in 6 months, but until then I choose to consider myself cancer-free. Eric was right: I am blessed and I know it: to have such a fabulous medical team, to have had a good scan todya, and to have found the boundless support and love from all of you. I truly hope that mine is just one of many positive reports.

dx 8/3/11
MIE 9/23/11

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Great to hear your scans are clear. We know all about Scanxiety. It seems like the time between the actual scan and the appointment for the results take forever. I am so glad that your news was good. May there be many more clear scans!!!!

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
McCormick, South Carolina

DX 10/22/2009 T2N1M0 Stage IIB
12/03/2009 Ivor Lewis
2/8 through 6/14/2010 Adjuvant Chemo Cisplatin, Epirubicin, 5 FU
Two year survivor

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance!

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Bob, never feel guilty about being a stage I and getting the great news that you have. If you think about it, Stage IV's such as myself get good news along the way as well. When I have a scan that shows the disease has not spread further than the original 2 spots I am thrilled. Of course to be honest, I do have a guilt twenge now and then when I read that others are spreading faster than me. I guess this happerns because we all care about each others trials and frustrations and fears. Folks like yourself give me hope that one day a cure will be discovered for this form of cancer and you will be around to witness it even if I am not. So glad that your news is good and pray that you have many more great scans. Sam, Stage IV and hanging in there.

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I remember when you stated that you felt guilty. My goodness, I back Eric. Please don't ever feel guilty. We are eachother's cheerleaders and people look for guidance, support, and hope when coming to this site. We would like to hear your and everyone's success stories every day of the week. So congratulations! I hope and pray you stay cancer free forever.

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I read most of the posts and when I read yours I was elated for you.
We are all happy when someone is NED . EC is a monster and to have no recurrence is wonderful news. Just please never get too complacient as the beast IS A BEAST and you have to keep careful watch. You are blessed Bob and I am so very happy for you. Keep
Up with your scans and we will be waiting for more good news next time.

Barb rizz

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Wonderful news Bob, those magic words are indescribable No Evidence Of Disease. As Heeran says, hope you stay cancer free forever. We all need some good news. I pray every night for a cure not only for this cancer, but for all cancers.

Ann wife of Alan
Dx Sept. 2009
Ivor Lewis March 8th 2010
NED July 2011
Lost his battle with EC Jan 31st 2012

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Hi Bob, I hope that yours is one of many positive reports as well! I am elated to hear your good news! We can never get enough of the good news. We are here to support each other through the good, the bad, and the ugly so never feel guilty to be NED. We rejoice with you!

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What great news. Thank you for sharing. We need to hear all the good news we can. Take a deep breath and enjoy the relief.

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We all need to hear the wonderful news you were given. It gives hope to people. It gives joy to people, even to those of us who have lost a loved one to this horrible disease.

I'm so happy for you - I can feel your relief! Now, go do what needs doing and be filled with joy! Big big hugs to you.

Doin' the NED dance here!

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We are sooo happy to read this. I know you called Don yesterday and he really enjoyed your call. We celebrate with you and for you. Don't you ever feel guilty to post good news - we cherish it - you good news people are the hope we all need. You teach us by your experiences and sharing news that we all have hope. Please cherish and enjoy the news - that may be one of those 'revel in the moment' things - life is full of uncertaintity and when you receive certain postive news - to the highest point in your area and shout it out! We'll be clapping for you.

Now we're hoping your weather breaks out some nice sunshine, pothole free roads and you get that iron horse out and ride to live and live to ride.

Talk to you soon brother and until then safe travels and a big smile ( they say that bugs in the your teeth is a sign of happy biker!) Please keep in touch - we truly enjoy these phone calls. I will be returning to work next Thursday and Don will have plenty of time to chat it up.

Safe rides and FEC,
Judy & Don

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I understand completely what you mean by feeling guilty because of "only" a stage 1 diagnosis. The same thing happened with me when my husband was diagnosed as "only" a stage 1. I feel uncomfortable posting on these boards because it seems so many are experiencing so much worse news on a daily basis.

Anyway, I rejoice with you and hope for NED on future scans. My husband goes for his 1 year post MIE check up next month. We are apprehensive,but hopeful.


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All the positive feedback to my post has been really heartwarming. Please share your husband’s good news with us after his scan next month. Fingers and toes crossed for continued NED!

Dx 8/3/11
MIE 9/23/11

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Congratulations!! BMGky

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Congrats Bob, keep em coming.


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We hate it when anyone shows up here with EC, but we are very happy when we get good news. And yours is the kind that gives us a boost. So, good on ya, man.


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Bob, I know exactly what you mean about feeling guilty. I feel the same way. It's hard to come on here and see how people are struggling and fighting against this horrible disease and yet not really know what they are going through. I was fortunate enough to be detected so early my doc said an oncologist wouldn't even stage me. My path results were "no determinable cancer" and my doc said I now have the same odds of passing from cancer as her. What I do have in common with almost every one here battling EC is I had an esophagectomy. I never realized how fortunate and blessed I was to be diagnosed so early and to have the incredible doc's I have until joining this group.

I am so happy for you and your great results from your scan! I know that you will continue to bring us good news every time you have a scan. You are truly fortunate and blessed.


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GREAT news, Bob! I love to see the letters NED in that oh so special order. Such simple, yet wonderful letters.

No guilt needed. Cancer is cancer and no matter the stage, EC is a BEAST! Congrats to anyone able to walk away. Truly, no one walks away unscathed.

We all celebrate with you. So damned happy to see good news in the midst of some difficult times on the board.

Congrats & many, many more NEDs! {hugs}


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