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"Server is down with too much load"

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I've been seeing this error a lot lately.
CSN was pretty much unavailable all day Sunday (Easter).
I wonder what kind of chemo regimen the server is on?

You think it needs a shot of Neulasta?

Sheesh :).



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Sheesh is right...it needs a shot of something! I had the same problem trying to log on Sunday evening and a few other times also. Maybe a Margarita would help...ha!...For some reason my computer wouldn't let me access the link you gave for my chair. Don't know why, but "thanks" anyway. I've got my little Lizzy munchkin today so I better get off of here and fix her some lunch. Have a good day. :) Sue

miss maggie
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Hi Jim,

I can't tell you how many times this problem happened to me. Especially after signing in.
When I click discussion boards, that when I get the message, too much load.

Anyway, The following worked a few times for me. Not sure if you have the same option as me.

Right above "cancer Survisors Network" > welcome > there is an option to go back > I click that > and I get to where I want to be.

Hope that helps. How are you Jim? My best Maggie

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I'm doing well and thanks for asking.
I still nap during the day and am adjusting to the
"new me" after cancer and losing my sister.

I'm hanging in there and you know I haven't lost my
sense of humor ;).

I hope you are doing well.

Ginormous hugs,


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