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My niece who is turning 2 years on 14th April was first diagnosed with AML and then after few days doc said that the report is showing signs of ALL as well. Can anyone advise how long it will take for medication and the chances of survival. Please let me know

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I was diagnosed with ALL Nove 19 of 1983 ( a month and a half befor my third birthday )and was off treatment in Feb 1986. Treatment is usually around two years for girls and three for the boys. Cancer treatmenst have come a long way since I was treated however those for kids are still behind in the times. But the good part is they treat what is needed for that patient. When I was sick I was in the research program and they gave me whatever the protcol was.
Best wishes and I hope your niece is doing well!

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I was diagnosed with ALL in 2004 in my early teenage years. I was only on treatment for 9 months. However, this is not very typical for ALL patients. They took a very aggressive approach to my case and I had a bone marrow transplant, which is what brought about the remission. I pray your niece does well with her upcoming battle. I send my prayers.

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