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Recurrent SCC on lip?

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So I posted recently on HNC board about just having a tongue biopsy under the left side of my tongue on Monday. I had Mohs surgery on Feb. 28, 2012 to remove SCC from my right lower lip. The tongue biopsy was recommended by my dentist who found a white patch last week that should be looked at that I didn't even know about. I digress, though. It's been over a month and a half since my Mohs surgery, and all margins were clear after Stage 1 of the surgery, except it seems it is not healing. I had healed up just fine within 2-3 weeks and had nice shiny skin, but now every 2-3 days, it crusts over and peels, just like when I had my sore when I first went to the dermatologist to begin with and they biopsied it and said I had SCC. So is my SCC recurring in the same place? Or do I just need to wait longer for it to heal? I keep my lip moisturized with vaseline every day, but it still wants to crust over.

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