3 Weeks and feeling a bit down!

Hi there.

New to this site which I find very helpfull, but please excuse me if I'm not in the right section etc!

Diagnosed back in Nov 2011 but held off laparoscopic surgery till 20th March while my wife recovered from breast cancer op.....never rains but it pours!!!

After long debate went for nerve sparing lap over everything else as at 59yrs worried that radiotherapy left no plan B option if recurrence in later life.

So,....my concerns...

Surgery was a breeze and very little initial pain.

Pain did start do give me problems later on (sitting, or getting into the passenger seat of my high SUV or my wife's low 2 seater!)

The big blow came when the cystogram after 10 days showed a leak and the catheter was to stay in for another 10 days!

The catheter is the most uncomfortable, unpleasant, debilitating experience I have ever had, and to add to that, I developed a major urinary tract infection (now resolved).

Anyway, after all this time I still have blood showing in my urine and worry that this may delay catheter removal when I go for my next cystogram in 4 days time.

Has anyone else had experience of long term blood in catheter bag?

Aso, I have to have stents removed...is this as painful as it sounds??

Many thanks


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    Just hung on a little bit more


    Some guys are more prone to feel pain than others, but the results go the same way.

    In the first week after surgery my urine had traces of blood, gradually disappearing. It seems to be normal. In your case it is taking longer probably due to the infection/leak. I think that the area affected is the bladder sphincter where the surgeon attached the urethra.
    This is a delicate place that if damaged may affect you with incontinence forever. It is advisable that you avoid any body position or bent, etc. that could exert pressure at the area. As a “rule of thumb” catheter should be in place until complete healing to avoid urine at the affected place.
    I recall my doctor saying that the catheter would be in place until a proper “V-neck” shape was formed at the connecting portion of the sphincter.

    You could inquire with your doctor for any pain killer.

    Welcome to the board.
    Wishing you recuperate the soonest.