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Power Port Removal - Pancreatic Cancer

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Can anyone let me know if it would be beneficial to keep my power port, or remove it. I have pancreatic cancer diagnosed 5/31/2011, had the whipple 6/15/2011, chemo ended 2/13/2012. My scan on 2/28/2012 shows no sign of cancer. I am starting a new job and have removal surgery scheduled 4/16/12. I am really confused on whether I should get this removed, or keep it. The decision to remove is purely financial because insurance will pay 100%. My oncologist is not making a recommendation either way. However I am concerned about removing it because of the high chance of recurrence of this cancer. I have no problems with this port. Any words of wisdom or experience? Thank you and god bless.

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My husband was diagnosed with P.C. in Nov. 2007 and had the port put in Dec. 2007 until it became infected and it had to be removed in 2008, although he would have kept it for as long as he could. He was in remission for almost almost 2 years and then the cancer came back in Dec. 2009. He had to have another port put back in July 2010....unfortunately he passed away last April. I'm sure your doctor will let it be your call as to wether or not you keep it...but if it's not causing any problems, maybe keep it in .. just incase?
Good luck and best wishes..

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I too just faced this tough decision. After a rough year in 2011 battling bile duct cancer I decided to have mine removed. This was after 3 clear scans and before I returned back to work. Besides just some itching it never caused an issue. My surgeon said no big deal we can put it back if we have to. It helped me feel somewhat normal having it removed. The fear was there if i do take it out my luck disease would return. It's been 3 months without it and it's been great being able to hold my wife again without it being in the way. Sometimes getting it removed helps us fight more. Even though there is a chance of reoccurrence the break is worth it. I hope I never have to have it again and I'm glad I had it removed.

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I'm guessing I might a little late in posting to you about this. All I can say is you do what makes you feel comfortable. I had stage 3 P.C. in early 2008 and port put in the same year and kept my port till mid. 2010. I had my last chemo after the Whipple in Jan. 2009. Like you, mine did not bother me after getting used to it. But I definitely wanted to make sure I would not need it before getting it removed. Again, It's when you feel you will no longer need it. Not unless the oncologist says otherwise.

Take Care and GOD BLESS

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