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Good Treatment Today

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Just a quick note, my taxotere treatmen went well today. Have one more round of taxotere then we will change to something else. Tumor marker is trending upward slightly so in my view, taxotere has run its course. Not sure where to go next. Anyway, other than the post treatment fatigue and a slight headache which happens now and then, I am in great shape. Have taken pain meds so relief should be on the way momentarily. Thanks for all your support of me and my journey down the EC road. I have learned to love you all. Sam Stage IV

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Keep up the good attitude-your definently a role model to many on this site.

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I know you know how important your positive attitude is in your journey, so I'm happy to see your head in a good place. I hope you can continue to focus on that.


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Glad to hear today went well and praying that they will be set with another effective but not too harsh chemo to follow--just like treating a chronic illness, right?
Does your onco put much stock in tumor markers and which one? Ours doesn't seem to, since the first few ones in both our cases did not seem to track with the clinical picture, so she quit ordering them. (?)

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Very happy to hear that you're back on the upswing! Good words from you are always nice to see :)

Enjoy the sunshine, Sam! {hugs}


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In answer to your question, my oncologist doesn't but much stock in the individual readings, but relies more on the trending. Right now I am trending upward again. She said yesterday that if this is the case after this treatment, we will do another CT scan to see what might be going on. I think she uses the trending to justify the next CT scan. UVA uses the CEA marker. On the whole, my doc is like yours, doesn't but a lot of stock in the results. She says the test tends to be faulty. Sam Stage IV

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