life after stomach cancer

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Hi does anyone have problems with eating? Its been 4 years since my stomach removal, and I still have issues eating. Dumping syndrome and diarreah is the main cause on my fight with my weight. What kind of medicine are you guys on to help with the symptoms? Any special diet?


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    life after surgery
    Hi. My name is Sherly I'm 26 and I am a stomach cancer survivor, with a partial gastrectomy. And j tube. I have many issues every day with eating. My main issue is the nausea and the vomiting. I don't feel like eating anything. I weighed 296 pounds back a yr ago, now I'm at 138 and still loosing. Ive had to jude my j tube for feedings and that helps a bit. The j tube bypassed he stomach area, so it allows you to feed yourself a good amount of liquid nutricion. I mean its not fun having the j tube, but it will help you with the nutricion. I also stoped eating meat. My stocmach has a hard time breaking the meat down, so I would end up throwing up, so I stopped eating it. It helped me. Good luck. I hope this helps.
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    Almost 3 yrs
    I deal with dumping symdrome like this

    1) multiple meal, eat slow, I found this is the most important thing to prevent dumping
    2) no liquid during or within 45 minutes after meal, which helps to reduce the chance of diarrhea greatly.
    3) eat less bleached wheat, more whole wheat, if not all.
    4) less fat, especially animal fat
    5) eat less sugar or not at all, if really craving sweet, eat a little bit fruit

    I'm down from 165lb 3 yrs Ago to current 123 and seems stabalized. Hope stays like this. I have tried to gain some weight back but never gained anything. LOL