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alkaline phosphatase level increased during chemotherapy

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Hi there,

Would like to seek some advised if there are any medical expert or cancer survival out there.
Mum was diagnosed with third stage Ovarian cancer and she is doin her chemotherapy. However, before she can continue with her third treatment of chemotherapy, the oncologist advised her to delay the chemo treatment for a few days as the alkaline phosphatase lvl has increased to 252 and the CEA 125 marker is low as 25. Oncologist said this is the effect of the chemo.

However, I'm worry that the cancer has spread to elsewhere of the body. As my mum is having some mild back pain and could not sleep well during the night.

Do a search on the internet, it shows that an increase of the alkaline phosphatase and back pain might lead to spread of cancer to the bone or liver.

Any cancer survival out there experienced the same situation? Or any advise, i'm so blank right now..

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Are you sure that the doctor wants to delay the treatment based on the alkaline phosphatase? It is very normal for this to become elevated during chemo because chemo causes increased bone loss and this shows up on this particular test. They often delay treatment due to low platletes or low white blood cells, but I've not heard of a delay based on Alk. Phos. It is true that that an elevated alk. phos, along with other elevated markers, like LDH, sed.rate, and C-reactive protein (high sensitivity) can be an indication of metastasis to the bone. But that is pretty unlikely while your mother is in treatment, and metastasis of ovarian cancer to the bone is very rare. You should ask her doctor about her pain and also find out the real reason the next treatment is delayed. Good luck.

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Thks for your reply,

Today we did a blood test again and the oncologist will certainly delay the chemo treatment and refer my mum to a another Dr as the Alkaline phosphatase is still climbing. But i think my mum will refuse to refer to another doc as it would be traumatize for her to do another round of tests (Bone scan, Liver Biopsy, MRI test, GGT test, etc) which, she is already very weak. Decision is to delay the chemo treatment and wait for the Alkaline phosphatase to naturally goes down. Hope is all well.. God's hands..

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I hope your mom can settle and get some good rest. This will help her body recovery. Hang in there!

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