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So I had my catscan last Tuesday and tomorrow I have my petscan and blood work up. Next Monday at 4pn I will know if the cancer is back I just hate the wait so much I just want to know if it is back, what I am facing, and how bad it is. Please all pray fr me pray mainly that the cancer is not back but if it is pray I have to fight in me to keep going. I worry about the front line chemo I did not like what it did to me or how it has left me. Love all you teal sisters and hope you are doing well today I think and pray a lot for you. Keep ut the fight.

Love, Hugs, and Prayer

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Dear sweet Anne
I will be glad to pray for you. Hugs Lynda

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the seemingly constant waiting!!!! One of the worst things ever!!. I will be praying for you. Please let us know what you find out. So maybe I missed something,but was your cat scan just on routine followup?

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Yes it was time for my normal but we were looking for the cancer because my numbers jumped from 6-82

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I am praying for you that your cancer hasn't returned.


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