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Pre-Surgery test are done, feeling a little paranoid

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Last Friday, had my blood work, CT Scan, chest x-ray and ekg in prep for upcoming surgery. They said the results would be to the doctor in a couple of business days which is tomorrow or Wednesday. Trying to stay up beat but feeling a little paranoid about the results. When I went in for my yearly exam I did not expect to hear the words "uterine cancer" 3 weeks later either. My husband is being has supportive has he can be but he has enough on his plate dealing with his elderly parents (Sept 2011 87yr old his father was diagnosis with esophageal cancer they did radiation treatments but he is not a candidate for surgery or chemo, then March 5th his 85yr old mother had a heart attack, while finally she is showing some will to get better it was that Friday I was diagnosis). No responses needed, just did not want to burden him with my paranoid feeling but yet need to say it out loud because they have been eating at me all day. Nice to just get it off my chest may be I can go to sleep now.

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You wouldn't be human if you didn't feel paranoid. I sure did and since I'm a control freak I just KNEW everyone was lieing to me. Sorry about your husbands parents..that is hard on all. I am taking care of my 86 year old mother who is crippled and my 85 year old step-father who has Alzheimers(sp).Say all you want...these ladies have pulled me back from the edge more than once! One tip...whenever you can never make an appointment on a Friday! Shoot for Monday or Tuesday, no later than Wed. morning. Waiting for test results over the weekend is just pure evil! Best, Debrajo

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I find when I am down it helps a lot to put words to my feelings. Keep sharing here. We all have things thay make us paranoid. I like Debrajo's advice about the appointment.
Let us know how you are doing. I find for myself the worst case things that I worry about don't happen. Have learned to not worry as much. Well, sometimes I do anyway. Having others to talk to really helps me. I read the discussions here and they let me know I am not alone.

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I totally understand your feeling paranoid. It's hard waiting for test results. Hopefully they'll come out good with no sign of spread anywhere. I'm sorry for the family stress you have right now, too. It's really hard dealing with elderly parents health problems. My husband's dad passed away about 3 months ago at age 97. I hope for the best for your upcoming surgery and recovery and pray that you have a positive path report and all goes well. I was diagnosed with Endo cancer stage 1a grade 2 back in Jan. and had DaVinci surgery in Feb. and now I've just finished my 2nd round of Chemo. I'm doing pretty well, considering. Best wishes to you!

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Hope you are doing well. Have you had your surgery? I understand what you are going through with your in-laws. December was a horrible month for me. Hysterectomy on November 30. Husband's Mom, Dad, Aunt (all lived together and in upper 80's) all not well. Dec 3 the aunt falls and goes to hospital. Dec 4, MIL falls and goes to hospital. FIL seems to be failing. Dec 10 on post surgical follow up I get the "C" diagnosis (never saw it coming).

Needless to say, I am an emotional wreck and husband running back and forth to parents because dad cannot be left alone. I understand but feeling abandoned. Aunt comes home, MIL ends up in nursing home for rehab. Father in law not doing well. He passes away on December 12. MIL in nursing home, going to take her out for funeral. Nurses cannot wake her up, send her back to hospital. Not strong enough to attend funeral. How sad, married 57 years and not home when husband dies and cannot attend funeral.

Throw the holidays in there on top of everything else.

So, I feel your pain and probably (say that because I do not want to assume) understand your emotional turmoil.

Let us know how you are doing.

Take care,

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I am so sorry you had to endure all of that. Hearing the "C" word is so traumatic, but yet you had so many other worries on your mind. Talk about high level of stress. I don't know how you made it through everything. I hope each day is getting a little better for you. In peace and caring.

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I am really beginning to wonder why things are going as they are. Got a call around 10:15am on Friday that my surgery was being cancelled for Monday (apr 23) because there was some kind of miscommunication and the doctor had a prior engagement. But the scheduler would try to let me know that afternoon if it could be rescheduled for Thursday. Unfortunately, it was the poor nurse I unloaded on. First they cancel my initial appointment at noon when the appointment was at 3- Ok, I understand weather and flying but a second time, not so much. Finally at 2:45 I called the scheduler and left a message I needed to know by 3:30pm, if the surgery was Thursday would I still be able to travel for work on May 20th because if not then I need to start making arrangements for a co-worker to go; or if it was not going to be Thursday then I was not doing surgery until June 13th because I have commitments also and that was my next available date. 20 minutes later I was scheduled for Wednesday.

Probably not the smartest to wait but they(oncologist/staff) did not seem to be in a big hurry since it had been 7 weeks already since my diagnosis and he did say it was the slow kind.

So I am spending today trying not to get worked up - need to be calm for tomorrow but I can't wait for my 2 week checkup.

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If the surgery is tomorrow and you suppose to travel on May 20th, I would get a co-worker to travel for me. BUT it depends on what surgery you have. If it is the full adominal cut down the stomach then get someone to go for you. If it is the davinci robotic, I hear the healing is faster. I had the full admonial cut, it was 6 weeks before I could really function well enough on my own, 2 weeks I could move better on my own but 6 to fully recover and not flinch everytime I moved. My surgery was suppose to be at 1:00 pm on a Friday but they did not start untill 3:30 PM. Then told it might take 5-6 hrs. It only took 3 hrs. I was through recovery and moved to a room by 8 PM. I do not remember much of that night but the nurses had me up out of bed on Saturday to sit in a chair. Sunday was walking the halls a bit. Just remain calm and Good Luck tomorrow. Check back in when you can. Will be praying for you. trish

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That must be really frustrating to not know for sure! I'd think they'd give you more notice in case you need to do bowel prep or other pre-surgery things. If you have the DaVinci surgery, you could more than likely go ahead and go on a business trip May 20th with no problem. I felt pretty good after 2 weeks when I had mine. Wishing you good luck whenever you get to go in.

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