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I had a scan Feb 3, and it all seemed fine. However the last three to four weeks I seem to feel a small lump under my chin on the left side. But feel it when I put my fingers on it and when I put my head down. I have been in remission after Zevalin in 2011. But I dont know if it is anything. I dont know even if I should call the Oncologist and see about it. My next scan is in July 20th. So some advice would be appreciated. I hate to call and it is nothing but then again I worry that is something.
I am so terribly tired also. But my wbc is 3.5 and platelets 120 they really never have
recovered fully after the zevalin.
Hope you all are doing well. Much love, Hilde

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don't let it go even if it,s nothing, it could be somthing call you onc and get an appointment as soon as you can you will feel much better after the doctors examines you hope its spelled right. blessings denise

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Thank you so much, I will do that , I have been reading your posts, you sure are having a time of it also. My prayers are with you. many blessings to you, Hilde

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Hi Hilde,
I have to agree with Denise...call your Onc and get it checked out. I wouldn't put it off until June, and the sooner you get a doctors opinion, then the sooner you can be peaceful and not sit around wondering. It's better to be safe than sorry...ya know? Let us know what you find out. Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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Thank you for answering my post, I really will call the Oncologist tomorrow to make an appointment. I just feel funny because I dont want to waste anyones time. But will check it out. Hope you are doing ok Sue.
Love, Hilde

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I'm glad you are going,it's probably nothing, but as cancer survivors we can't take nothing for granted.......

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Yep, I agree with everyone - get it checked out :).



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