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Social Security Disability and Stage 4 Kidney cancer

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I'm not sure if this has been posted before.

You might want to log on to or call your Social Security office and find out about this little known fact.
I found out from a friend who pasted on from Kidney cancer.
If you are diagnoised with stage four Renal Cell Carcinoma.You are eligible for Social Security Diability.
Here is the web address http://www.socialsecuritydisability.ws/do_i_qualify.html
It sure would not hurt to check this out.
Hope it helps.

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SSD requires permanent diability from gainfull employment. Stage 4 RCC allows a faster track application for SSD. Having Stage 4 RCC does not automatically mean you are unable to pusue gainful employment, but for those in the US who are permanebtly diabled from work they should pursue this benefit if they are entitled to it. SSD also gives you Medicare 2 years after you are eligible which is also very hepful. For others with stage 4 RCC recovery is the preferred alternative.


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Yet another demonstration of how valuable this forum is for passing on useful information!

(We must get it better organised so that this sort of information is always accessible and not lost as new threads and contributors come and go.)

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David was approved for SSI mdisability, yet, ineligible for payment until 6 months off work, then there is a 2 year wait for Medicaid, he applied for food stamps and was denied for too much income. Amazing how this system works.

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