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Tina Brown
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I know there is currently a shortage of Doxil (USA) Caelyx (UK) so when my oncologist prescribed Caelyx for me last week (How can he not know it had been discontinued - doh) his team managed to substitute it for a different Chemo - Doxorubicin.

I was told that it is similar to Doxil/Caelyx but doesn't have the coating on it that protects the heart and prevents hair loss.

So I was wondering if anyone out there had had this chemo and if so DID IT WORK? Its only been about 8 weeks since I finished Topotecan and I am feeling quite weary and nauseated on this drug.

Any imput will be greatly received. Love Tina xxxx

Best Friend
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Hey Tina.....just checkin in to see how ur doing? I do think of u quite often. Looks like i need to start laying in bed at nte again and talking to my grandmom and grandpop for you. I am not the most religious person so i talk to them. Just hope these docs can get this rght this time. It's so scary, but i know u are strong enough to wait for them to get their heads together and figure something out. Take care and I will check in again soon.

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