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Ct scan

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The doctors did a CT scan on my mom and the CT scan shows nothing ! Is that a good sign?

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I'd be quite happy myself if my CTs showed nothing!
Now, a caution: there's a limit to how small the lesion or nodule that a CT scan can detect--somewhere around 1-2 mm. So it's great that nothing shows up, but it's not an absolute guarantee that there's nothing present. It just might be too small.
On the other hand, why worry about what might be? She has great news now and should celebrate it.
Good luck to you all.

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No News is Good News. Enjoy life!!


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A clear CT scan is great :). According to my gyn/onc, a CT can see as little as a 1 cubic centimeter growth. They spend a lot of time comparing CT scans over time to detect any changes

Liz in Dallas

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