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Doc on Tuesday

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Hello Family...Good Morning !

Going to see the Doc tomorrow to review the "stable scans".
My questions to her will be:

1. Review what "stable" means again?
2. Explain MetMab clinical trial (found in "Cure" magazine)
3. Review my current back pain, where radiation and drain hole where placed well over a year ago.
4. I have been fatiqued the last number of weeks, but not always able to take a nap?

Thats about it!....should be ok, it's a nice spring in Michigan !

I'll keep u posted....

Stage VI nsclc with brain mets, inoperable

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Let us know. It's hard to to wonder and worry what's happening to all of you out there when you disappear. I'd love to know what stable means, too. Spring in MI? What about Florida--or is that next winter?

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Posts: 291
Joined: Jun 2010

Hello Colorado!

Scans are NED but going for a Bone Scan next week (1st bone scan). Been feeling achy in the back and fatiqued. Onc says CT shows all is good but will do the bone scan to make 100% sure.

Other than that....all is good !!!!!!!!!!!

Keep u posted...


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I check this site regularly but rarely post, it's so wierd-I know I'm a member of this club but its almost like if I don't actively participate than then its less real for me sometimes even though its always there, crazy I know.
Anywho, I am a 16 months past my right middle lobectomy, diagnosed 1a which makes me one of the 'lucky ones' and I guess I just wanted to stop a moment and thank the ones who do post regularly just like you Dapsterd-I had a bone scan as well last summer when my knees started bothering me-gee, it couldn't have anything to do with it being spring and me doing a ton of yard work-I was convinced it was bone cancer until a scan proved otherwise and I am praying yours will be good as well.
P.S. I am a south eastern michigan person as well and work in ann arbor in the mental health field no less!
Again, thank you to all who are diligent about keeping the rest of use informed, comforted, educated, etc....it is much appreciated!!!!

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Posts: 291
Joined: Jun 2010

Thanx so much Sissylu....

I go this Thursday for the bone scan....I had a blood test last week, but doc never called with results? Maybe she is waiting for something to be verified by the scan?....see this is the mental stuff we go through that is not easily understood by non-cancer people !!

Keep u posted

It's all good !!!!


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