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Anyone diagnose without any bleeding?

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Just wondering if anyone was diagnosed without any bleeding symptoms or was taken by surprise with diagnosis due to no symptoms?? Please share your story. Thank you in advance.


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How are you doing, we haven't heard from you in awhile?

As for some people being diagnosed without symptoms, that was not my case, but I know some people have been. There are cases where someone goes in for a routine colonoscopy with no symptoms and comes out learning that they have anal cancer. I think more often than not, though, most people have some type of symptoms before diagnosis. In my case, I had symptoms but was unable to connect the dots, so to speak. I was shocked, needless to say.

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Thank you everyone. I am doing okay but of course still havw worries. I will wait till I turn 50 next year and have a colonscopy done. I have skin tags still and irritation alot. Is it true if you have alot of irritation all the time that it can "assist" more or less to get anal cancer? I have read that somewhere and am doing my own dre, I know that is not a nice thing, but I feel its the only way for me to find something new, if something new is there. All my best.


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I can't answer your questions about irritation increasing the risk of cancer. I'm glad to hear you are doing alright.

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I had no bleeding but much difficulty when having a BM. Severe strain when having a BM and never felt that I had fully defacated. Stools were very thin similar to ribbon.

Dog Girl
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I too had no bleeding, but had the aforementioned ribbon stools and the feeling of not fully emptying my bowels. I would go very often, but just a little bit at a time. As far as being shocked, yes very much so. My colo-rectal doctor said I probably had an impaction when I described my symptons as he had done a colonoscopy on me just three years before and then when he examined me he found a 4 cm tumor. I really don't know who was more shocked; him or me. A woman I spoke to from my same onc. office that had AC did not have symptoms, but as Martha said, it was found when she had her colonoscopy at 50, so it does happen. But as you'll read in the varying posts, if you have to have cancer, this is a relatively good one to get due to the high cure rate and the relatively short treatment time frame.

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I did not have any symptoms the only thing was I had what looked to me like a wart near my anus. I had my Oby/gn look at it during my pap test and she sent me to have it biopsed and the result was squamos cell carcinoma. It was a total shock to me.

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This is some dirty biz this anal cancer. So here it goes

For a long time maybe 3 years my anus felt wet. I would pat it dry with tp no blood
Year 2 I have always slept naked, but I had these creepy crawly feelings in that area, so I started wearing underwear at night
Year 3 occasional blood on tp and achy legs

I knew something was wrong everyday of those ..3 years and would go to the doctor with the most absurd things.

Every time I had dre and she said hemorrhoid

Dxed via colonscopy.

Follow your heart!

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my only symptom was too often diarrhea-no blood in stool. first colonoscopy at age 77 showed stage 2 tumor in rectum.
2010 brought me radiation/chemo then surgery with ileostomy. Reversal of ileostomy brought fistula. thus 6 mor weeks with bag.
Fistula healed itself from inside out, 2011 colonoscopy showed cancer free. Currently living normal life with occasional diarrhea.
All in all A great outcome. don't be afraid!!! you too can get through it.

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I had no symptoms. I had very regular bowel movements. I went for a routine colonoscopy and the doctor found a suspicious spot. He said it might be a hemmeroid but he did a biopsy. It came back with squamous cells so I went to a surgeon for an excision. That biopsy showed minimal invasion so I'm waiting to start my chemo/radiation. Had I not gone for the colonsocopy, I would not have known there was a problem at all.

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