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rising psa 8 years after rp.

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I had rp 8 years ago and my psa has always been -001. Now my psa has risen to .02. Should I be worried. Have not slept much

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The difference in PSA could be a cause of different assays. In fact I wonder what has been the assay used in the laboratory where you have been doing the tests, along the 8 years.
LLD in ultra sensitive assays for PSA got a limit usually of 0.005 mg/ml. Levels below 0.01 are usually referred as <0.01. Therefore, the tiny increase to 0.02 is not a result of concern. The pattern of the increase is important if the tests were done at the same lab and they have a PSADT lower than 16 months. Your diagnosis pre RP and Path report also weigh in the judgement for any “concern”.

In any case, the common level for declared recurrence is 0.20, which is not your stats.
For peace of mind you may repeat the test and inquire about Lab’s assay’s LLD (low limit detection). You may also certify about the past tests.

Sleep well and enjoy life.

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Ty for responding so quick.

Spoke with my physicians assist at Sloan Kettering. She is in charge of thr survivors program. She said that they don't get concerned until after .05.they still consider .02 as non detectable.

Ty for your response. This is a great site that I never new about. I will try and help others when I can

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Each time the doctor sent out your blood test it might go to a different lab. The equipment can make the different! I get tested in Dallas by doctors here and the psa 0.3. The MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston might be psa 0.4. The psa testing equipment is same at MD and where the testing here could go to 2-3 different labs in Dallas! Plus .02 or .03 is looking good!! So sleep at night and say your prayers! :-)))

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