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Limelifes first CT scan 4/09/

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Hi everyone yes my first scan is Monday ,yes my tumor was 5cm and 2 grade so I know the odds are in my favor,I was told at the time of my surgery I had a 80% chance of never having to deal with this cancer again.So I keep thinking what if I'm in the unlucky 20%.I used to feel sorry for myself only to join this website and to be humbled by all the amazing people who's journey has also brought them here.I am not trying to be selfish since I am no more deserving than any one else ,but if you can I would like every one to hope for the best for me to be NED next week.Thank you and have a nice day!!!

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You've got all of our best wishes. We are pulling for each other all the time. A victory for one is a victory for everyone.

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Perfectly expressed - count me in on it for sure - good luck limelife.

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all of my positive thoughts are going toward you. You are a survivor!

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Everyone is cheering for a homerun. Good luck and good vibes coming at you.

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Good luck today on your follow-up scan, its nice to get the first one behind you, its almost like having surgery all over again. You asked about my pathology on a different thread recently and it occurred to me that while I knew what it said, I never actually read it myself so I dug it out this weekend and read it. I received it the day after a second surgery (5 days post nephrectomy) to repair injuries from the accident that led to finding the RCC so my head wasn't very clear at the time, but I remember being told that it was about as good as you could hope for. Anyway, here it is, word for word so to speak.

At dx my leach was estimated at 4.8-5.0cm, actual size was 4.2 x 4.2 x 3.2cm
Fuhrman Grade: 1
Type: Conventional Clear Cell Renal Carcinoma
Extent of invasion: The tumor is limited to renal parenchyma with no venous or lymphatic invasion
Coagulative necrosis of tumor: Positive
Cancer stage: pT1b, pNX, pMX

May today provide the first of many NED's for you,


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Good luck on your exam today. I know you are going to do well. We still have too much to do.
I am saying a prayer.

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Just read this post, all the very best, May the Lord mercy and grace be with you.

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