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I have felt "lumpy" in my chest when I swallow or eat for years and it is getting worse. I know I have asthma reflux from the endoscopy that was done ten years ago. I am going back for another one soon and of course am really trying not to "go there" to the cancer thing. My neighbor died of esophogeal cancer and my swallowing discomfort started at the time of her diagnosis so I've been telling myself it is "in my mind" all this time. That's what I did with the many symptoms I had for anal cancer until the big bleed. I also have to go back to the colo-rectal surgeon for a check up the same week. I am really feeling old and beat up with allergies and asthma! Wahhhhhhhhh! I heard at church that two people within our parish had a return of their cancers to∂ay. Gahhhhhhhhh! You all know what this is like.

Dog Girl
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Hopefully this will only be an annoyance and nothing major. I hope all of us just have to pull one of the Big C tickets in our lifetime. The good thing is you are going to get it checked out soon. How long are you out of tx for AC? I know I felt a big weight off of my shoulder when I passed the two year mark and I am coming up on 3 years late next month. I am wishing you peace of mind until you get the official news.

I know allergies have been really bad this year where I live because we had such a mild winter and spring came early this year. I've been back home with my parents quite a bit because they are not doing well, so basically I have missed spring at my house in NC. All the flowers and trees bloomed while I was gone. Now I just have mosquitoes!

I also don't know what could be a side effect from the tx and what is just me getting older.
(I'll be 55 late this year.) For example yesterday my hips were killing me. It felt like they were not in their sockets and I really had a hard time walking. Well, I walked, but I'm sure I looked like a drunken sailer too as I kindof swung my legs out and forward. But today they're OK, but something else is bothersome. I'm just glad that I am around to complain and to deal with the after effects of the tx. Best of luck to you Sandy.

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Nope - you don't have any more cancer. My crystal ball says so, and it's always right. Dog Girl's right - the allergies have been terrible this year. Stay cool -get it checked - get the 'ok, everything's all right' - then, onward!

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Y'all are probably right. It all escalated and now I am on a Z pack and Prednisone for out of control asthma and some sort of related thing that seems to be going around with asthma patients this year from this extraordinary spring in New York. Everything is in bloom and we have had no rain for weeks. The Prednisone has me cleaning like mad now, ha, ha!

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