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treatment options ?

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Hi - Recently diagnosed (Feb 28) with squamous cell anal cancer after months of being treated for hemorrhoids. (I also had salivary gland cancer in '93 - treated w/ surgery & radiation.)

Doctors are recommending chemo & radiation, but I have some misgivings, especially regarding chemo. Wondering if anyone has done any alternatives to the chemo/radiation protocol. Thanks!

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So sorry you had to find us but welcome.I too thought I had hemorroids as did my doctor.

I was against chemo and radiation too but surgery is a lot worse and ineffective and this treatment is tryed and true. The good news is the treatment is only for a six week period of time and all of us here survived it and we help each other as people go through it. Thank God you found us. Your cancer is likely recoverable and you can go on to lead a normal, healthy life with only a few possible nuisances. We are the lucky ones in the world of cancer and its treatment.

Stay close. You sound like you are on the right track and asking all the right questions.

All the best,

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