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don't know what to do from here on out

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This is the sight that i first started from. Then I went to the caregiver sight, then I went to the bereavement sight. Now where do I go from here? This is so very hard! I miss him so bad! We where together for 30 years, now where do I go from here? I guess know one knows where to go? I go to Wal-Marts to get what I need, I set in the living room room where we use to set. I just can't get back to where I use to be. I probably am not at the right place to be right now, I don't know here to go from here. It;s been 3 months now since he has been gone and I don't know what to do. Sue

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Wanted to know how things are going for you, Sue.

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Just taking a day at a time. Thanks for asking. Seems like I am all alone here. What I have been thinking about is my grandson's is graduating high school next week. So my daughter and I have been talking about catering and getting tables for the party in June. It has been 4 months today that he left me. I have been busy burning old papers that we didn't get around to going through. I finally did go through his cloths. It is all so very different now. I have so much to do. But anyways, I am not in any hurry do do much of anything. At least the weather is nice out. Sue

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@Sue: seems to me you are very very strong! And I actually envy you...I was going on a spiral downhill for 2 years!! No kidding! I felt like I lost every direction of my life. I almost dropped out of school, I almost ran away (don't know where). And there's still not a single day when I don't think of my Mom...it's been three years now but feels like yesterday. I still have huuuuuge question marks at the end of my thoughts...I'm still looking for the answers...I'm still looking for her on endless roads, on overcrowded buses, behind closed doors...but I find nothing. Loneliness stares at me from the walls...I'm still hoping that one night she'll tap on the window to let her in...I am still hoping she'll come back...but I have to go on and I should never EVER give up! For her! She would be very very sad and disappointed...remember this! You have to go and show your husband that you won't give up. Reading that you've already went through his clothes is one step towards that...I still haven't touched a thing that was my Mom's...indeed...I'm glad I've got shoved into children's home. I would still not be able to step into our once house, even if I could legally do it...sheesh...I was going to encourage you, and now I told you how loser I am...sorry about that...

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It's not easy when we have to go through this life changing experience of losing our husbands. It's 2 years since I lost mine and although it gets easier I still miss him so much. We were supposed to grow old together and now I'm so scared to be alone. It helps to have kids, which I have 3 and also alot of friends. Just take one day at a time and don't let anyone rush you into anything. Carole

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