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Synthoid and thyrogen

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First, I appreciate reading everyone's comments. Thanks to you I fought and finally got Thyrogen. I am due to have the RAI on 4/25. There has been debate between the nuclear medicine dept and my endocrinologist as to whether I need to go off the synthoid and cymotel before my thyrogen I njections and RAI. I wanted thyrogen so I would not have to go off these meds. From what I see here, people have stayed on synthoid (I am at 88mcg) and 12.5 mcg of cymotel.

Any thoughts or. Omens would be greatly appreciated. I start the non iodine diet tomorrow and have stage 2 papillary cancer. The nuclear medicine department said to go off all drugs on the 20th. I will be talking with my doctor on Monday. P,ease help. Thanks!

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What the heck are they thinking. The reason we take Thyrogen is so that we don't have to stop our medication and go hypo. What kind of idiots are you dealing with here?

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I have just had my RAI, on 2 April. I had a problem with a remnant of thyroid hiding behind my carotid artery, which was removed at the beginning of March (my third thyroid operation in 13 months). I was told to stop taking Livothyroxine after the operation, and was booked in for the RAI. On the Saturday and Sunday before the RAI, I was called in for Thyrogen injections, as these had become available in the UK - unfortunately not in time to avoid the third operation. If Thyrogen had been available in the UK last summer, I could have had it, and the RAI, then. Only downside of RAI, so far, is that I caught influenza off somebody (probably in the post treatment scan room), so have not felt very well for the past week.

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