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Has anyone got an opinion (or ever heard of)Nonnie Juice. I don't even know where the juice is from, but it is supposed to ursurp a lot of other supplements. Opinions anyone? Debrajo

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This was from the American Cancer Society web site about Noni juice:

Several animal and laboratory experiments have been done on different compounds taken from the noni plant. A group of Hawaiian researchers caused tumors to grow in mice and then injected specially prepared noni juice into their abdomens. Mice who received the treatment survived twice as long as the untreated mice. Other scientists studying freeze-dried extract from the roots of the plant found that the substance appeared to prevent pain and induce sleep in mice.

Another team of investigators reported that damnacanthal, a compound removed from the root of the noni plant, may inhibit a chemical process that turns normal cells into cancer cells. However, since extracted chemicals or substances are different from the raw plant, a study of an extract might not produce the same result as a study using the whole plant. In addition, while animal and laboratory studies may show a certain substance holds promise as a helpful treatment, further studies are necessary to learn whether the results apply to humans.

An early (Phase I) clinical trial of freeze-dried noni fruit extract was done on 29 patients at the University of Hawaii to learn about its actions and toxicities in people with cancer. This study found no toxic effects on patients even at daily doses of 10 grams, but also found that there was no significant effect on quality of life. It was noted, however, that those who got higher doses reported feeling somewhat better. In addition, researchers at Louisiana State University are working to isolate and purify any compounds in the juice that may be active in humans so that further testing can be done.

More research is needed before it can be determined what role, if any, noni plant compounds may play in the treatment of cancer or other health conditions.
I have never tried Noni juice. I think it is kind of pricey & it probably wouldn't do any harm to try it if you can afford it.

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Thanks Carolenk, The juice is all the rage here (Texas) as a cure-all for almost everything...almost like Aloe Vera juice back in the 80's. I have a neighbor who;s church friend is selling Nonnie juice, but I'm a little reserved about taking everything that comes down the pike and just who is selling it and making it! Think I will wait a while and stick to curcumin,pepper, and olive oil! Thanks again, Debrajo

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The one thing I would be cautious of is how much sugar it contains.

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Definitely read the ingredients label carefully, as many of these products claim to offer so much, but really lots of artificial items in ingredients.

I was on a product line called Reliv for some 8 years prior to my diagnosis, only to find it was using soy isolates which are refined and processed. To this day wondering if it had a bearing on my diagnosis.

Watch out as many of these companies are setup as "multi-level marketers", loaded with skammers to make a buck off us. Don't get me wrong, some are above board, but we have to proactive and do our own research before purchasing.


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All of you are so right and I didn't think of the sugar! Seems the more I think the less I REALLY think! Maybe one day I will think something all the way through before I jump on a "cure". Thanks all, Best Debrajo

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