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Port or Line for getting Chemo and Blood Clots

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My mother had surgery a while back to get a port or line inserted in the upper left hand corner of her chest (near her arm) so that she could get chemotherapy.

I’m not sure whether a port or a line was inserted but the item was placed inside her body under her skin so it’s not visible from the outside.

My mother did not have chemotherapy for around 2 months. Unfortunately, we weren’t aware that she had to go to the medical center to get her port or line cleaned at least once a month. Thus, during the 2 months she did not receive any chemo, the port/line was not cleaned.

About a month or two later, a PET Scan showed that she had a blood clot in her lung.

Could not getting the line/port cleaned have caused the blood clot? I recently heard that if you don’t get the line/port cleaned it could cause a blood clot.

However, I’m thinking that if a blood clot is caused by the line/port, the blood clot should occur near the line/port area rather than in her lung.

Any thoughts or advice you can provide would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you very much for your kind help.


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I do know that the line is suppose to be flushed about every month if not used. My husband had a PICC line that was being used, and so was flushed every day. But after about 9 months he developed a blood clot in it. He just woke up one morning with his arm all swollen and red. After a sonogram of his arm it was determined that a clot had formed, so the line was pulled and medication was given to dissolve the clot. They then inserted a port- a- cath in his chest that he used from then on. He never had any other troubles with it after that.
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Thank you for your kind assistance. I appreciate your feedback.


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Hi Cheryl,

Thank you for the information you provided. I appreciate your help.


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Mom had a PICC line that required daily saline flushing + heparin flush. My understanding was that this prevented clots within the line -- I was never told that lack of flushing would create clots elsewhere.

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I think I am going to present a few problems for my doctors when I get to the Chemo stage as well. I have a blood clot already on my ICD lead in my heart. I am on Warfarin also. I read this with a bit of concern, these are the type of things that you don't contemplate in the early stages. I know I will stop the Warfarin prior to the operation, but for the chemo I am wondering what they will do for me. But one step at a time, I am sure they will have an answer for me.

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