Limited SCLC need advice!

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Hello, my name is Rose and my mom was diagnosed with Limited SCLC in Jan. 2012. We are being told that the tumor(cancer) is inoperable and she is two chemo sessions in. My mom switched doctors and new oncologist decided to have a CT scan to see if her chemo is working (she is on cisplatin and etoposide). She also started 32 rounds of radiation yesterday and today we finally saw the radiation oncologist who told my mom that the chemo isn't working. He told her that her hematologist oncologist and him had a meeting and are going to change her chemo. He also told her that the cancer is very aggressive and worse case scenario is nothing works and she has four months to live. Now, I refuse to accept this and I was hoping someone here could help me out with some advice and maybe some resources that are available out there. I have no clue where to start...I am completely lost.

Thank you!


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    I'm not sure why no one has
    I'm not sure why no one has replied yet but.......

    SCLC is almost always inoperable, unless caught very early.

    Limited SCLC is typically treated to cure using chemo and radiation concurrently. The results of the chemo can take some time to be seen as it attacks the cancer on a biological level. Chemotherapy is not like an aspirin for a headache, its more like spraying weed killer on a weed in that it takes a while to see results.

    If they say it is not working, they are probably right as they are the cancer specialist. Cisplatin / Etoposide usually has some effect as SCLC is usually highly reactive to it but not always.

    If they are still doing radiation that is good news as it is usually what kills the tumor. Chemo typically shrinks the tumor to minimize the radiation field and damage to the lung(s).

    If you see this response please give a update on what chemo they have changed her to and if it has changed the radiation schedule.

    There is a very good forum for SCLC at
    they even have one dedicated to just SCLC, you may find additional helpful information there.
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    Hi Rose
    There are plenty of SCLC survivors on this board (including me; 3 yrs since this past January) and some have had surgery, some not. I could not have it because it was too close to my heart. But the radiation plus the cisplatin/etoposide combo did wonders. I did not get scanned until everything was over. Even then things were too cloudy because of the inflammation from the rads. So try to stay positive and patient; There are lots of people here to help you through.