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My wife has a relapse of fillicular for the 3 rd round now. We are in a very early stage. The Doc says theres no new clinical trials that look promising for cure or remission..We ve decided to take a watch and see approach for now.. We want to see how fast it is growing, so we have put off doing anything till late fall when we ll take another pt scan so we can measure the growth.. This will allow us to have a good spring and summer..
We re still leaning toward Treanda/Bendimustine concidering the know results we have seen and heard about her from past survivors..
We still appreciate any and all prayers and in turn ours go out for all of you too..
Any one got any input to our delima.. Thanks Jan..

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I read your wifes Bio and it looks like she has been through a lot already. I'm so sorry she has relapsed again. I think your plan to watch and wait sounds good, provided her doctors are in agreement. I've read many good things with the Treanda/Bendimustine protocol and have been told by my doctor that this could be an option for me if I should relapse. I will keep you and your wife in my prayers and hope her cancer activity will be slow growing so that you can enjoy the spring and summer months ahead. Be sure to keep us posted. Best wishes...Sue
Follicular NHL-stage3-grade2-typeA-diagnosed June 2010-age 61

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Thanks Sue;
yeah the doc is cool with our decision,, she says she's easy..
Yeah she has been thru a lot,, the transplant was the worst thing ever.. she had an out of body experience..
Me too I ve read a lot of good things on treanda and Ive talked to countygirl and cure and they ve both had good results with it already.. and not a lot of nasty side effects like rchop and rice chemo's..
MY wife and I are closerer then two fleas on a dogs back since this battle has began back in 08.. she wakes up feelin good, but runs out of steam by the time the day is done..I seem to do most of the cookin and cleanin but theres days she pitches right in there and gives me a break in the action,, The worst thing I can do is denie her the chance to feel usefull.. I do most of the driving cause she does get disorented once in a while, specially in a big store.. but shes amazing what she can do and everyone thinks she looks amazing good..
I appreciate your support and prayers.. Jan..

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Hi Jan, I'm really sorry to hear about your wife's relapse. Like Sue said; I hope you get to enjoy the spring and summer months with your wife without having to think too much about treatments and side effects. I had Rituxan treatment alone, I still have to get all the test redone again to see if the medicine worked but I'm sure it did! Well take care of yourself and your wife. I will be keeping both of you in my prayers.


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this makes my third treatment with chemo,so i can emhsasize with you, i had my first now i am back in the hospital.treatment with rice last week now .blessings denise

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