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Back from R & R in Australia Happy Healthy Holidays

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Sara Zipora
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Dear all,

After 5.5 weeks of five day a week radiation have two months where there was no therapy nor tests CT etc that I could do. Got Docs ok and off we were to Ausralia for first time. Yipeesit is ar away. Twenty hours on a plane which we broke up in half by staying in Hong Kong for two nights in both directions. Toured half day rested other half.

So, highly recommend taking off when nothing else to do but chew finger nails waiting for two months when I can check up on bad buggers.

Wishing us all healthy and happy holidays, may bad news Passover and Easter rebirth us.


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What beautiful thoughts. Thank you so much. So happy that you got that much deserved R&R. Just planning and reliving a happy vacation experience can bring a lot of joy.

I wish you only good news in the future.

Mary Ann

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Sounds like a delightful way to escape the 'waiting game'! So glad to hear you had such an enjoyable time and lots of memories, experiences to relive and continue to enjoy. What's good for the spirit is good for the body. Thanks so much for your good wishes and the same back too you.
Happy Holidays!

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Glad you had some relaxing time. 20 hours on a plane is a long time. Glad you got to see Hong Kong, too. Australia sounds so awesome. Glad you had a good break while waiting. Hope you get good news on your next check up. In peace and caring.

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Sara Zipora
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Dear All
Thanks.for all the caring and.may we only share good news

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Glad you had a great time away. My daughter lived in HK briefly; I wish I could have visited her while she was there. I am happy for you that you had this adventure and respite from worry.

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